The following excellent letter on the insanity of Moorside appears in this week’s Whitehaven News.  It has been written by Ian Hawkes whose investigative work can be seen on the Toxic Coast website.

“Regarding the two letters in last week’s edition, entitled “Singular Views”, especially the response from NuGen’s spokesperson, I would raise the following points:

NuGen’s representatives seem not to know answers to some of the questions asked; appearing to make up responses which are disputed even by other members of their staff at the same event.

How many individuals have taken part in the consultation? Do repeat visits count as new attendances?

Even accepting at face value that “3,000 people have been given the opportunity to ask questions”, that still only equates to less than 0.6% of Cumbrians; restricting the catchment area to a combination of Allerdale and Copeland increases the figure to 1.8%, whilst reducing the catchment…

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