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NuclearBribe Apologies to Friends of the Earth – the “Bribery: Its Working Well in *Numbria” is all ours…

In the Morning Star today…..

Hush money? The nuclear industry is in a league of its own

Aug 2016 Thursday 11th
posted by Peter Lazenby

PROPOSED bribes for communities near fracking sites are “small fry” compared to the hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ cash used to buy off those affected by the nuclear power industry, campaigners said yesterday.

Cumbria in north-west England “is in the grip of a far-reaching nuclear bribery scandal,” according to Radiation Free Lakeland, with taxpayers’ cash for public projects filtered through the privately owned nuclear power industry.

Campaigner Marianne Birkby said: “Compared to the nuclear industry, the frackers are in the third division where bribery is concerned, as we know all too well in Cumbria.

“The nuclear industry leads the super league — and has…

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