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South Korea has decided that they may want to give someone else their nuclear waste, according to Reuters (July 25, 2016). Well doesn’t almost everyone? Why would anyone give a flying Fukushima about what South Korea wants anyway? Let North Korea have them. Or China. China would still be smaller than Russia.
WIPP  15 May 2014 7
WIPP 22 May 2014
WIPP: US Underground Repository for Transuranic Nuclear Waste – Plutonium, Americium and all of that long-lived nasty stuff.

At least South Korea was honest enough to say so, however, and people can be on guard, instead of sneaking it out the backdoor like Germany’s trying to do with its high level Pebble Bed radioactive waste, and like Switzerland did with its old Swiss made, useless, plutonium. Swiss plutonium will be “diluted” and buried at WIPP as so-called GAP plutonium (aka foreign plutonium that foreign countries didn’t want). A long list of other countries have dumped their nuclear waste upon America, since treasonous US government officials (e.g. Obama; Tom D’Agostino) offered to take foreign nuclear waste to destroy America, while pretending it was about non-proliferation. Many countries did ocean dumping in the past, and some zig-zagging ships carrying nuclear waste have raised a concern in a skeptical mind or two that they are still doing it.

Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:28am EDT SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korea plans to select a site for permanent storage of its high level radioactive waste by 2028, and will also consider looking to store spent nuclear fuel overseas, the government said on Monday.


There is a good chance that if South Korea is allowed to continue to (legally) steal America’s uranium from Public Lands due to the 1872 Mining Law, that they will use that as an excuse to dump the nuclear waste so created back upon America’s shores:
(The legality of some of these mining permits is being challenged on the basis of inadequate environmental and cultural impact considerations; studies).

This is how WCS proposed to the US NRC to store high level spent nuclear fuel in West Texas – not even a cover!
Spent nuclear fuel conceptual drawing for WCS to NRC

Click to access dsfm-2015-scott-kirk.pdf

It’s how they are being kept near nuclear power stations, currently. Not even a house is put over it as in Germany, Switzerland, and the UK.
Zion Dry Casks on Great Lakes-Lake Michigan

German Temporary Nuclear Waste Storage at Ahaus
Ahaus Temporary Storage Facility

This is how so-called low level nuclear waste – really diluted high level waste – is buried in west Texas at WCS. If German Pebble Ped Fuels is sent to America, it will probably end up buried here, or in Utah.
Rad Waste Barrels WCS Texas

Or, South Korea may hit upon Australia to dump their nuclear waste, if Australia lets them: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/07/30/south-australia-is-targeted-for-five-nuclear-dumps-and-high-level-waste-processing This won’t work out due to Australia’s fires. Australia needs to stop mining uranium too, thus cutting its nuclear fuel chains.

South Korea plans to keep on making nuclear waste and they want to make even more by building additional reactors. But, they don’t want any of that nasty radioactive waste!
South Korea has a relatively smaller number of generating stations, only four, but each station houses four or more units, and three sites have more reactors planned. Thus Korea’s nuclear power production is slightly more centralized than most nuclear power nations. Housing multiple units at each site allows more efficient maintenance and lower costs, but reduces grid efficiencies. Four of the six Wolsong reactors are Canadian-designed CANDU pressurized heavy-water reactors (PHWR).
In 2013, in response to a petition from local fishermen, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power (KHNP) renamed its Yonggwang as the Hanbit plant, and its Ulchin plant in North Gyeongsang province was renamed as the Hanul plant.[22]
In 2014, an agreement was signed to allow construction of two additional APR-1400 reactors at Hanul (as Shin Hanul-3 and -4; construction to start no earlier than 2017) and two as-yet unnamed units in Yeongdeok County (construction may start by 2022


South Korea’s also building a nuclear power station for the UAE, with US funding – read Middle Eastern Nuclear Bombs in the making: http://web.archive.org/web/20150811034547/http://www.exim.gov/news/ex-im-approves-2-billion-financing-for-nuclear-power-plant-uae

Why doesn’t the US just let China and North Korea have South Korea? What’s to lose other than for missionaries? Crappy defective Korean washing machines? They can take Japan too for lagniappe. Who the Fukushima cares? Most Veterans of the Korean war will be dead soon anyway. That way Japan won’t be able to send the US radioactive food and defective or radioactive cars and car parts. Cut them all lose. Let China, Japan and Korea work their own problems out and let them hunt for uranium in their own land, if they must have it.

Missionaries and the military need to look after people in their own bad yard and stop minding other people’s business. What kind of friend dumps nuclear waste on you anyway?