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Love Lakeland!Stop Moorside Petition- Please Sign and Share SHARE SHARE!!!

The 2nd Moorside Consultation for the “biggest nuclear development in Europe” finishes on 30th July.

Too Big and Too Nasty to Fight‘ is the View of the Proposed Moorside Plan from so many good people like the Director of Cumbria Wildlife Trust who feel utterly defeated by the nuclear juggernaught coming our way.   This is of course what the industry wants you to think.  BUT WE CAN DEFEAT THEM,  ALL IT TAKES IS  YOU.   Thousands of people have already joined the Resistance

We  advise that as many people as possible write, phone, email to tell NuGen in your own words that :   “I do not recognise this Consultation as valid….”

Email: info@nugeneration.com   or go through their CONsultation page.  Our letter is below for ideas.  Even one or two lines on a Lakeland postcard to FREEPOST – MOORSIDE HAVE…

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