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Only 3 days left for this Stop Moorside crowdfunding. Donations small, medium or large are welcomed and can be anonymous. Please share the links: https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/StopMoorside?utm_term=e86KAbBkJ T-shirts may be purchased too: https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/100057158/-A106994733#?affiliateId=1246955/sb/1466788337_SP_P_S_FS Moorside Nuclear would be on the Irish Sea and by the English Lake District. Read more at the link or below the pictures. A serious nuclear accident could make much of Europe uninhabitable. (If you are in the Americas or Australia-New Zealand, a nuclear accident in Europe means more refugee-immigrants, and for many it would mean destruction of their indigenous homeland.)
Drilling rigs #StopMoorside
Moorside Exploratory Drilling Rigs, Photo by Radiation Free Lakeland
Moorside Sheep looking toward Sellafield Streetview
Sheep and Cows on the Irish Sea, Moorside Site
Moorside Cows on the Irish Sea
From Radiation Free Lakeland:
Weʼre raising £5,000 to Help Save Cumbria from “Europe’s Biggest Nuclear Development.” Already drilling rigs have gone up on the floodplain of the River Ehen.”
Our Story
Nuclear industrialisation of the internationally protected River Ehen floodplain has already begun with drilling rigs for over 300 “exploratory” boreholes. This is what a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project looks like with the OK for 300 boreholes given by one Copeland Council “designated officer.” 

We do not want the “biggest nuclear development in Europe” to be plonked here next to Sellafield on this very special but already damaged land which is an important buffer zone. 

Instead of honouring the brave beautiful wildlife diverse landscape which was bought up by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority next to Sellafield, the government have opened the door to the nuclear developers responsible for Fukushima. 

“The Moorside Project” is being promoted by NUGEN a company 60% owned by Toshiba and 40% by Engie
. Toshiba’s proposed three new reactors are AP1000s. These are the next generation of the same old uranium burning technology. The difference is that these reactors burn the uranium for longer and harder. The resulting radioactive wastes are much hotter and have to be cooled for decades longer. Currently Sellafield uses over 4 million gallons of water daily for processes including the vital cooling of wastes. This fresh water is abstracted from Wastwater [Lake], the River Ehen, the River Calder and boreholes in the area. Sellafield stopped producing electricity in 2003.

The Moorside plan would be above the West Cumbria Aquifer.

We cannot stand by and let this happen but we need expert help. All money raised would go towards securing that help from a wide spectrum of experts from human rights experts to ecologists to radiation scientists 

Please help to Stop Moorside. 

Please Please Save Cumbria and our Neighbours from “Europe’s Biggest Nuclear Development.

[NB: Engie is formerly GDF-Suez]
Stop Moorside owl  Marianne Birkby
Marianne Birkby Artwork

This article on the 1957 Windscale nuclear accident, near the Moorside site, shows its impact on Europe.
However, impact depends on the weather pattern(s) at the time of the accident. The radioactive plume can reach in any or all directions, depending on winds.