Whatever you think of LGBT Pride, any honest person has to admit that it’s got nothing to do with nuclear regulation. With the US Nuclear Power Station “Fleet” falling apart due to a combination of old age and substandard components how is a LGBT Pride Luncheon a priority for the US NRC? WTF? Did they mispell Fukushima?
US NRC Chairman Burns LGBT Luncheon
A new announcement was made by the French regulator ASN, on the 28th, indicating that they had additional concerns about potential defects-flaws in Areva-Le Creusot steam generators. These may impact US nuclear power stations but the NRC apparently lacks the time or inclination to write about that, even though the French made it easy by offering an English translation. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/07/01/asn-possible-defects-in-areva-creusot-steam-generator-channel-heads-may-impact-countries-in-both-hemisperes-including-the-usa-us-nrc-snoozes/

But, the NRC has time to both have a LGBT Pride Luncheon AND write about it!

The French are working. The US NRC is having luncheons and blowing off risks.

Substandard components found recently in US reactors include defective ABB and Schneider breakers; an Open Phase defect impacting 98 of 99 US nuclear reactors; there are potentially defective Areva-Le Creusot Forge (Schneider Forge) nuclear components, including reactor pressure vessels and steam generators. There is need to do ultrasonic testing on reactor pressure vessels, which the NRC refuses to do-have done. But, the US NRC thinks it has nothing to do other than have a LGBT Luncheon. They don’t have time for any sort of luncheon! They need to eat at their desks.

Instead of taking immediate action on potential flaws in Areva-Le Creusot nuclear reactor parts, they are waiting to see what Areva says! Get your food and bottle water and prepare to “shelter in place”.