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South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley says she wants US and foreign plutonium out of South Carolina. And, yet, she wants more plutonium and more radioactive waste to be made. What Nikki really seems to want is the Areva MOX project to be completed. However, it would actually create more nuclear waste, along with producing dangerous plutonium fuel, that no one wants to buy anyway.
Nikki Haley Areva

Kris Singh of Holtec has been both campaign donor and is from the same part of India as Nikki Haley’s father and she calls him a family friend. Holtec appears to have been first founded as a concrete company in India, before Kris Singh went to study in America. Privately owned by Kris Singh (and perhaps other unknown individuals), it is arguably a foreign firm. Perhaps Nikki’s father has a stake in it?

Nikki the Nuclear Fiend?
We have a tremendous opportunity to be a global leader in nuclear technology by developing the nation’s first small modular reactors,” said South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. “Holtec International is a highly competitive firm in SMR technology, and we are excited to partner with them.http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nuhub-state-of-south-carolina-announce-exclusive-partnership-with-holtec-international-to-compete-for-up-to-226m-department-of-energy-award-198968741.html When asked by someone in the audience if South Carolina would have to take back the radioactive waste from the Holtec reactors which she wanted constructed in South Carolina, she alleged that waste wasn’t the topic at hand. But, where there are nuclear reactors, there is radioactive waste, and there is plutonium. Ditto for nuclear weapons due to upkeep requirements.

She’s also apparently taken campaign monies from French state owned AREVA, which was building the MOX reprocessing facility. https://www.opensecrets.org/expends/vendor.php?year=2014&vendor=Nikki+Haley+For+Governor She got the South Carolina Attorney General to play hardball and sue the US government because the MOX project was cancelled. She wants to fine the US taxpayer for each day the plutonium waste stays in South Carolina. Shaw who was involved in the construction of the Mox project was a donor, too. https://votesmart.org/candidate/campaign-finance/47879/nikki-haley http://www.followthemoney.org/entity-details?eid=6660614&default=candidate
However Shaw was bought out by CBI, itself recently bought by Westinghouse (Toshiba) On percentage of MOX owned by AREVA: http://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1533/ML15338A041.pdf

Another top Nikki Haley donor is Boeing. While Boeing South Carolina is for the commercial aircraft division, “Boeing (United States) is involved in the maintenance of the Minuteman III nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles in the US arsenal. It also provides the US and UK Trident II (D5) with maintenance, repair, and rebuilding and technical services.http://www.dontbankonthebomb.com/boeing/
https://www.opensecrets.org/expends/vendor.php?year=2014&vendor=Haley+2014+Victory+Fund https://votesmart.org/candidate/campaign-finance/47879/nikki-haley http://www.followthemoney.org/entity-details?eid=6660614&default=candidate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_South_Carolina Thus, Boeing would appear to have an interest in the upkeep of nuclear weapons and related disposal of new military radioactive waste.

Honeywell, another top donor, owns the only uranium conversion plant operating in the United States: http://www.nrc.gov/materials/fuel-cycle-fac/ur-conversion.html
Conversion is the step prior to enrichment of uranium needed for both nuclear weapons and most nuclear reactors. Additionally, “Honeywell Defense & Space business unit creates products such as the Honeywell RQ-16 T-Hawk for the military and space markets including propulsion engines,…“, etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honeywell https://votesmart.org/candidate/campaign-finance/47879/nikki-haley https://www.opensecrets.org/expends/vendor.php?year=2014&vendor=Haley+2014+Victory+Fund http://www.followthemoney.org/entity-details?eid=6660614&default=candidate

Some additional top donors to Nikki Halley that may have an interest in seeing the MOX facility completed include Duke Energy, Fluor, GE, Babcock and Wilcox, EnergySolutions, Studsvik, and possibly Carolinas Ready Made Concrete Assn. https://votesmart.org/candidate/campaign-finance/47879/nikki-haley http://www.followthemoney.org/entity-details?eid=6660614&default=candidate
Fluor is contractor at the Savannah River site and other nuclear clean-up sites (both govt and commercial), and involved in a Small Modular Reactor (SMR) project (NuScale). They are a super-nasty company which many have never heard of: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluor_Corporation EnergySolutions would benefit by taking the extra waste created by MOX and burying it at the Barnwell, SC site, or elsewhere.

According to Philly.com: “Holtec a tech firm with ambitions to grow” By Joseph N. DiStefano, Inquirer Staff Writer, July 11, 2014 , Holtec filed state and federal documents in 2012 for proposed building small modular reactors at the Savannah River Nuclear site. It is stated that the “proposal won support from South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, whose father’s family has roots in the same part of India as Singh’s. She called herself a family friend last fall as she attended dedication ceremonies for the $80 million Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology at the University of Pennsylvania… Singh donated $3,500 to Haley’s gubernatorial campaign in 2011, according to South Carolina campaign finance records.” Read the article here: https://web.archive.org/web/20150914234442/http://articles.philly.com/2014-07-11/news/51307920_1_singh-center-indian-people-delaware-valley See also: http://sunlightfoundation.com/blog/2012/04/03/buying-news-philly-donors-turn-newspaper-moguls/ (Discusses the campaign donation. However, Norcross apparently is no longer owner as of ca end May 2014: http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2014/05/lewis_katz_partner_buy_out_george_norcross_to_gain_control_of_philadelphia_inquirer.html) Kris Singh is listed as a donor here too: http://www.followthemoney.org/entity-details?eid=6660614&default=candidate

Does Nikki Haley want the US DOE to remove the plutonium from South Carolina because she cares about its environment? It appears not. If you think she does, there is some cheap real estate to be bought in Fukushima, Japan, near Chernobyl, or in Bayou Corne, Louisiana. South Carolina’s lawsuit against the US DOE (actually US taxpayer) is about the cancellation of the MOX nuclear reprocessing facility being built by French state owned Areva: “1. This matter arises out of agency action by the United States and the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) that fails to comply with applicable law regarding the mixed oxide fuel fabrication facility project (MOX Facility or Project) currently under construction at the Savannah River Site (SRS) in Aiken County, South Carolina. See 50 U.S.C.A. § 2566(h)(2) (“The term ‘MOX facility’ means the mixed-oxide fuel fabrication facility at the Savannah River Site, Aiken, South Carolina.”).
2. Section 2566 of Title 50 of the United States Code (Section 2566) imposes procedural and substantive requirements on DOE and NNSA regarding the construction and production schedule for the MOX Facility and requires DOE and NNSA to undertake certain corrective action measures should the MOX production objectives not be met. 3. DOE and NNSA have failed and continue to refuse to comply with their duties and obligations under Section 2566.
” STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA,Plaintiff, v. UNITED STATES; https://web.archive.org/web/20160630032714/http://www.scag.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/2016-02-09-MOX-Complaint-FINAL.pdf [“The Civil War began in South Carolina. On December 20, 1860, South Carolina, having the highest percentage of slaves of any U.S. state at 57% of its population enslaved and 46% of its families owning at least one slave, became the first state to declare that it had seceded from the Union.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Carolina_in_the_American_Civil_War ]

The MOX facility would further pollute the air and the water in South Carolina. It also would make extra dangerous MOX plutonium fuel. The liquid discharge would apparently be to the Savannah River (or a tributary) and eventually to the Atlantic Ocean, though this information appears impossible to find in a timely manner, if at all. Surely they will filter it, making more radioactive waste in the process, but as in nuclear reactors, some will surely be discharged.

So, no Nikki Haley doesn’t really care about South Carolina’s environment. At the best she cares about jobs. Governors tend to think that they must bring in jobs at any cost, no matter how polluting, nasty, and how many tax breaks given. But, it appears most likely that she is trying to earn her Areva and other campaign donations. And, her “family friend” and possibly kinsman, Kris Singh, wants to start making Small Modular Reactors, and if reprocessing is perceived as a solution for nuclear waste, then it may help that agenda. However, he seems to make outrageous amounts of money selling his spent nuclear fuel casks.

Areva’s Radioactive Discharge to Sea at La Hague, France
Diver sampling Cogema [now called Areva] nuclear reprocessing plant outflow at La Hague, France. © Greenpeace / Gavin Newman
Diver sampling Cogema [now called Areva] nuclear reprocessing plant outflow at La Hague, France. © Greenpeace / Gavin Newman http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/multimedia/photos/diver-sampling-cogema-nuclear/

According to Greenpeace: “Reprocessing creates up to 180 times more radioactive waste than the amount contained in the original spent fuel“. http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/MultimediaFiles/Live/FullReport/4372.pdf Furthermore, they point out: “No matter from which angle you look at reprocessing it is illogical. It’s expensive, produces useless materials, releases vast quantities of waste into the environment, increases the total volume of waste, and increases nuclear proliferation risks.

Reprocessing is another name for nuclear waste dumping and the vast majority of the waste exported to reprocessing sites in France, UK and Russia will remain there forever.

One of the most controversial issues with reprocessing facilities is their daily discharge of huge quantities of radioactive liquid waste into the sea and radioactive discharges into the air. The Sellafield and LaHague facilities are the biggest source of radioactive pollution in Europe. The radioactive contamination in the sea can be traced as far as the Arctic and eastern Canada.

In the summer of 1997, Greenpeace divers discovered that COGEMA [Now called Areva] had turned the seabed at the mouth of the discharge pipe into the equivalent of an underwater nuclear waste dump. Independent analysis revealed that the sediments contained such high levels of radioactive americium, antimony, barium, cesium, chromium, europium and manganese that, under UK regulations, should be handled as intermediate level nuclear wastes. The liquid discharge from the pipe was found to have an overall beta particle activity of up to 216 million becquerels (Bq) per liter, 17 million times more radioactive than normal sea water’s 12 Bq per liter. Low tides regularly uncover sections of the discharge pipe on a public beach where people are allowed to stroll, swim, fish, and boat. Greenpeace measured hazardous levels of radiation emanating from the pipe itself, nearly 4,000 times normal background levels.
COGEMA, without so much as an environmental impact study, scraped off the radioactive crud that had built up within the pipeline, and “accidentally” dumped over 1,000 pounds of it into the sea. COGEMA concealed this accident, not only from the public but also from the French nuclear authorities, until the very day Greenpeace returned to send divers back down to the pipe mouth. After allowing the dumped wastes to wash away with the ocean’s currents for a year, COGEMA announced in the summer of 1998 that it would “clean up” its earlier spill by dredging up the ocean floor at the end of its discharge pipe, again without first conducting an environmental impact study on the danger of re-suspending hundreds of pounds of highly radioactive wastes that had settled onto the bottom…. COGEMA’s La Hague site is also one of the world’s worst radioactive air polluters. In the autumn of 1998, Greenpeace returned, this time to monitor the radioactive gases spewing from La Hague’s two tall chimneys…
” Read more details here: http://www.nirs.org/mononline/cogemamonitor.htm

More on campaign donations to Nikki Haley:
(Trump was one of the largest donors.)

Darling Nikki” by Prince: http://youtu.be/i5YAyLoXkoE
A fitting tribute to Nikki the Nuclear Fiend, apparent prostitute to the nuclear industry, aka Governor of South Carolina. Not for the underaged nor for the easily offended.


MOX letter from SC Atty Gen to DOE-Moniz: https://web.archive.org/web/20160630011820/https://www.scag.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/MOX-Ltr-Wilson-to-Moniz.pdf
Lawsuit: https://web.archive.org/web/20160630032714/http://www.scag.gov/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/2016-02-09-MOX-Complaint-FINAL.pdf