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From Ukrainian Law BlogSpot:
Russia’s Duma adopts amended package of anti-terrorist bills
Friday, June 24, 2016

Russia’s State Duma has adopted in the third and final reading a package of anti-terrorist draft laws submitted by Deputy Irina Yarovaya.

According to the document, the minimum age threshold to be held liable for the acts of purported terrorism is brought down to 14 years, Russia’s TV Channel Dozhd reports. Thus, the responsibility for incitement to terrorism and justification of terrorism on the internet has been increased. The Criminal Code also introduces the article “Failure to report a crime.” The maximum penalty under this article is a one-year imprisonment.

The bill also requires mobile communication operators to store customer data for six months and to provide this information to law enforcement agencies upon request. This means personal correspondence, phone calls, and electronic files sent or received by users. A person is now subject to criminal liability for participation in mass riots, hijacking, organizing an illegal armed group and for failing to report crimes, starting from 14 years of age.” Emphasis added. Original here: http://ukrainianlaw.blogspot.com/2016/06/russias-duma-adopts-amended-package-of.html CC-BY http://ukrainianlaw.blogspot.com

Also restricts Freedom of Religion:
According to Human Rights Watch:
Banning proselytizing, preaching, praying, or disseminating religious materials outside of “specially designated places,” like officially recognized religion institutions” Read more here:
Is praying at home a crime? It sounds like it could be. The report a crime part also means that confessions to priests may not be private, notes Human Rights Watch.

This means that young teens, as well as adults, will be criminally liable for not reporting crimes and alleged crimes of other people! That’s bad enough. But, does it mean they must even report their parents for praying at home?

A word to the wise: only confess to Jesus or God. Only God can forgive anyway. No priests needed. Pray silently.