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Japan court upholds injunction to halt reactors in blow to nuclear power industry, Thu Jun 16, 2016 TOKYO (Reuters) A Japanese court on Friday upheld an order to keep two reactors at the Takahama nuclear plant closed… http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/Reuters/worldNews/~3/gfQoXPJWq28/us-japan-nuclear-court-idUSKCN0Z306R

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Not only the Japanese, but Americans and other members of the nuclear suicide pact called “Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage” or CSC, should be grateful for this injunction, especially since they will have to pay for future Japanese Nuclear disasters, as taxpayers and/or ratepayers. The CSC by making a corporate liability pool, paid only after an accident, encourages the selling of defective nuclear equipment, by its design. It apparently allows the selling of defective components by non-member countries, such as France and Russia, with no liability at all. Since it is based on installed nuclear capacity, the US and Japan will pay most of the CSC cost, including for any French and Russian defects leading to disaster in member countries. France and Russia’s State owned companies (Areva, EDF, Rosatom) will gleefully count their money, all while their State owned media blame the woes of the world upon US…

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