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A very important video and only 3 min 48 sec long – less than 4 minutes.

Link: http://youtu.be/LonqWHvlbc4
Unfortunately what Stephen Comley says is relevant for all (or almost all) countries where there is nuclear power.

Stephen B. Comley Sr ‏@stephencomleysr
Take America from the corporations and big energy and the over-sight committees that [are] in their pockets!!!! #thislandisourland

Republican Presidential Candidate, Stephen Comley, has an almost thirty year track record of working for nuclear safety:
Spurred by a letter from then Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner’s Executive Director, Victor Stello, declaring the most vulnerable of our citizens would be left behind in the event of nuclear disaster Stephen B. Comley, Sr. brought the fight to the door of United States’ Presidents, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and the national press.

For twenty-eight-years, Mr. Comley worked outside the political beltway to bring change to an industry fueled by billions of dollars and harnessed control of our nations political machine… The insider information he provided on counterfeit and substandard parts built into seventy-percent of nuclear plants caused the NRC to make the claim he was “conspiring to topple the NRC.http://www.stephencomleysr.com/about/
Read more here: http://www.stephencomleysr.com/new-blog/

Yes, that’s right – zero dollars – which is why he can speak the truth! But, unfortunately, few have heard of him or his Campaign for the US Presidency.
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