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Drilling rigs #StopMoorside

The time has come for a fighting fund to Stop Moorside.

We need help – expert help and we have had a lot of help freely given already from many experts – but even when that expertise is freely given there are expenses to cover.   So we have set up a JustGiving page.  Please consider giving to Stop Moorside.  Whether it is £££s or time, a letter in the press, the Stop Moorside petition signed – all is so valuable in building the ongoing nuclear resistance.

You can donate here https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/StopMoorside

Nuclear industrialisation of the internationally protected River Ehen floodplain has already begun with drilling rigs for over 300 “exploratory” boreholes. This is what a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project looks like with the OK for 300 boreholes given by one Copeland Council “designated officer.”

We do not want the “biggest nuclear development in Europe” to be plonked here next to Sellafield on…

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