Wildlife and history collide at St Bridgets Church, Beckermet.  Jenny Wrens scutter amongst the fading bluebells which nod beneath ancient crosses dating from 1100.

One of the old stone crosses has runic inscriptions saying we know not what – maybe saying “here, this soil, these springs, are yours to look after.”  A large diversity of wildflowers and herbs are found at the adjacent Church Moss including Royal Fern.  Rare beetles are also found here including the strange Black Oil Beetle.  On Saturday we saw a slow worm sunning itself beneath white wild roses at the exact spot where NuGen plan to install military fences, razor wire and armed police around their proposed untried, untested nuclear reactors.

Church Moss has been given official designation as a Site of Special Scientific Interest but apparently this does not strengthen the increasingly weak knees of the Environment Agency who have bowed down before the…

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