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From Bankwatch.org:
Nuclear financing through the backdoor
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The movement for a nuclear-free Europe is gaining momentum, and we need your support – will you add your voice to the groundswell and help power down dangerous reactors?

We’re partnering with friends at WeMove to petition the European Commission to drop a backdoor deal that could enable more public money for dangerous nukes. Let’s make clear we don’t agree to pay for a dangerous technology.


On Monday energy ministers will meet in Luxembourg to discuss a proposal that could pave the way for our taxpayer money to be diverted away from clean energy sources towards a nuclear future for Europe.

These types of plans are an example of the thinking that has kept the outdated reactor fleet in Ukraine on life support. And plans to give old nuclear reactors a new lease on life exist all across Europe. But when dodgy deals like these are made without our opinion, the results are clear – risky energy projects that burden the public purse and threaten our environment and our health.

Let’s make sure that the voices of Europeans will not be ignored. Since Tuesday, more than 40 000 people have already stood in solidarity and added their name to the petition.

Add your name now and let us reach 100 000 before Monday.
If enough signatures are gathered before Monday’s energy meeting, WeMove will deliver the petition on our behalf to decision-makers in Brussels.
Help us by signing and sharing the petition – nuclear power, not with my tax money!
http://bankwatch.org/get-involved/alerts/nuclear-financing-through-backdoor (Emphasis our own; Original posted by Bankwatch on Thursday, 2 June 2016)

See too: https://wemove.eu/sites/wemove.eu/files/SET_Plan_Action_10-Nuclear-Draft_declaration_of_intent_13-05-2016.pdf

This appears to be a backdoor bail-out of French State owned EDF and AREVA, as well as support for French Engie (formerly GDF-Suez). 90% of uranium for EU nuclear reactors is from outside of the EU. It’s major support for Russia and Kazakstan too, the biggest suppliers of uranium to Europe.

90% Uranium from outside EU
EU uranium source by country
EU Uranium by country and year
From: “EURATOM Supply Agency, ANNUAL REPORT 2015https://web.archive.org/web/20160421041841/http://ec.europa.eu/euratom/ar/last.pdf