A Cumbrian Nuclear Safety Group Urge a United Nations
Investigation into Moorside. 

Moorside in the village of Beckermet is the site name given to  
proposed new nuclear build in Cumbria. Billed as "the biggest
nuclear development in Europe, " which happens to be
right next to the Sellafield reprocessing plant and
plutonium stockpiles.

Radiation Free Lakeland have written to the United Nations following the findings that the Hinkley new nuclear build underway in Somerset is in violation of the European Transboundary Environmental Impact Convention (Espoo Convention).

The Cumbrian group question the UN saying: if Hinkley is in breach of the Espoo Convention then surely continued reprocessing at Sellafield and the plan for new build is too? Spokesperson Marianne Birkby says: "the one thing we are told that you do not do with a nuclear dump is disturb it, and yet that is exactly what…

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