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France can’t even build one nuclear reactor at Flamanville in France, yet wishes to build a power station with 6 nuclear reactors at Jaitapur in western India. Since EDF is taking over Areva’s nuclear reactor business and they are both owned by the French State anyway, the ban needs to be for Areva AND EDF. The same EPR reactors are proposed by both. And, let’s make the ban worldwide!

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Blacklist Areva Corp in India: Former Secretary Writes After Scam in French Nuclear Industry
MAY 16, 2016
Open letter by Dr. EAS Sarma, Former Secretary in Power Ministry, Government of India, to the Department of Atomic Energy –

To: Dr. Sekhar Basu
 Dept of Atomic Energy (DAE)
 Govt of India
Shri K D Tripathi 
Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (MPNG)
Govt of India

Dear Dr. Basu/ Tripathi,

Subject:- Substandard parts supplied by Areva company and its subsidiary, Creusot Forge, to IOC and several nuclear power plants in the world-
Request initiate action to blacklist the company for doing business in India
I enclose the following three documents, the first two being announcements by the statutory nuclear regulatory authority in France and the third one, a DNA news report relevant to those announcements.
* “AREVA has informed ASN of irregularities concerning components manufactured in its Creusot Forge plant” [1]
* “Falsification of materials analysis reports: ASN is collaborating with the ongoing judicial inquiry”[2]
* “AREVA components substandard: French nuclear regulator” [3]

Creusot Forge is a subsidiary of Areva, the French company, which has signed an MOU with Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) for supplying nuclear reactors for the proposed Jaitapur nuclear power project (6 X 1650 MWe) in Maharashtra. This is also a part of the India-France Joint Statement signed by the Indian Prime Minister with his counterpart in France during the former’s visit to France in April, 2015.

According to the official report released by the French Nuclear Regylatory authority, Areva/Creusot Forge have not only supplied uncertified, substandard components to nuclear power projects, oil refineries etc. worldwide but also tried to cover up that fact, even after the authority had asked the company to come up with the factual position. Some of these substandard components were supplied in the past to Indian Oil Corporation (IOC)’s refineries.

MPNG and DAE may like to secure a copy of the detailed report from the French nuclear regulatory authority to ascertain the position.

The following points emerge from the above reports.
1. Critical components manufactured for oil, gas and nuclear plants as well as refineries since 1965 may have been compromised. Creusot Forge claims to have supplied 2,300 forged parts for oil and gas installations and 2,700 such parts for nuclear primary islands throughout the world. The website particularly names Indian Oil Corporation Ltd as one its clients.
2. The scandal came to light last year when defects were found in AREVA’s EPR reactors vessel head in Flamanville, France. The defects in Flamanville reactors are substantial defects with a possible impact on all existing EPR projects currently underway. India has signed an MOU with AREVA/EDF to build six of these reactors in India.
3. This is a case of deliberate cover up on the part of Areva and its subsidiary.
4. The company’s dealings as indicated by these reports raise an apprehension about its corporate ethics.

While the substandard components supplied by Areva and its subsidiaries to other industrial units will certainly have caused a great deal of damage, the use of substandard parts in a nuclear power project raises far more serious apprehensions in regard to public safety. A Fukushima-like accident can occur at Jaitapur as a result of any malfeasance on the part of Areva.

Against this background, I believe that the latest revelations by the French nuclear regulatory authority need to be taken seriously. I request you to consider intiating action as follows.
1. Secure a copy of the report available with the French nuclear regulatory authority on Areva and ascertain the damage already caused to IOC and the other cmpanies in India which have obtained components from Areva and its subsidiaries for their industrial units
2. If any malfeasance is detected, blacklist Areva and its subsidiaries with immediate effect with respect to its future operations in India in all sectors
3. Advise the Indian companies affected by Areva’s substandard components to sue the company and prosecute it for criminal negligence.

Areva has also been involved in a uranium mining scandal which has come under judicial scrutiny in France as indicated in a news report dated 2-5-2016 (BREAKING: The Uramin Scandal – another shocker for AIM, damning Canadian Report & arrests in France » Views & News | ShareProphets). This raises another major concern in so far as the MOU that the DAE has signed with the company. Since the selection of Areva as the reactor supplier for Jaitapur is based on a highly non-transparent, single-bidder approach, as in the case of the scandal surrounding the acquisition of Augusta Westland helicopters by the Ministry of Defence, Chattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh State governments, it is possible that there are middlemen taking part in the price negotiation process and there is considerable scope for rent seeking. This needs to be carefully investigated before any final decisions are to be taken on Areva’s involvement in the Jaitapur project.

The problem of substandard components being used in nuclear power projects is a widespread one. Some of us had, in the past, brought to the notice of the Central government and the DAE that there were indications of substandard cables and other equipment and parts being used in Kudankulam nuclear power project. I enclose a copy of my letter dated 2-6-2013 addressed to the PM on the subject. We failed to receive any meaningful response on this from the DAE.

In this connection, I enclose a copy of a news report dated 26-3-2011 (25-3-2011) in Christian Science Monitor, according to which a significant number of nuclear power stations in the US deliberately suppress information on the use of substandard parts. This had come to the notice of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

I hope that the DAE will realise the gravity of what the French nuclear regulator has revealed and act quickly to safeguard the public interest.

Yours sincerely, 
E A S Sarma, 
Former Secretary to GOI,

CC-BY-NC: http://www.dianuke.org/blacklist-areva-corp-india-former-powermin-secretary-writes-open-letter-scam-french-nuclear-industry/ (Our emphasis throughout. We changed the links to archived links of the same articles, found below as Note-Links 1,2,3.)

1.“AREVA has informed ASN of irregularities concerning components manufactured in its Creusot Forge plant” https://web.archive.org/web/20160516191612/http://www.french-nuclear-safety.fr/Information/News-releases/Irregularities-concerning-components-manufactured-in-its-Creusot-Forge-plant
2. “Falsification of materials analysis reports: ASN is collaborating with the ongoing judicial inquiry” https://web.archive.org/web/20160516191336/http://www.french-nuclear-safety.fr/Information/News-releases/Falsification-of-materials-analysis-reports-ASN-is-collaborating-with-the-ongoing-judicial-inquiry
3. “AREVA components substandard: French nuclear regulator” https://web.archive.org/web/20160514025849/http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-french-n-regulator-confirms-areva-scandal-2212217

Additional Information (Not in the Original)
Kudankulam Nuclear Power Station was built by the Russia State owned
Atomstroyexport https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kudankulam_Nuclear_Power_Plant

On July 30, 2015, Areva and EDF announced that EDF would take 50 to 75% stake in Areva’s nuclear reactor business: “Le 30 juillet 2015, Areva et EDF ont annoncé être parvenus à un accord pour une prise de participation d’EDF dans Areva NP (réacteurs nucléaires) valorisée à 2,7 milliards d’euros (valorisation qui pourra encore faire l’objet d’un ajustement) entre 51 et 75% pour un montant de 2 milliards d’euros. L’accord qui doit être finalisé au cours de l’année 2016 prévoit qu’Areva conservera une participation minoritaire comprise entre 15 et 25%.https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Areva

Areva is owned 54.37% by the CEA, Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives, which is part of the French State, and 28.83% directly owned by the French State; 2.24% owned by EDF, 3.32% CDC (also French State), 4.82% KIA (Kuwait Investment Authority). https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Areva
EDF is 84.49% directly owned by the French State. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Électricité_de_France

EDF to propose deal for 6 nuclear reactors in India by year-end
Posted:Thu, 12 May 2016 18:09:21 +0530
PARIS (Reuters) – EDF will deliver a proposal to the Indian government by year’s end to build six nuclear reactors, an executive at the French utility said on Thursday, in what could be the world’s biggest nuclear deal.

Areva’s Late and Grossly overcost MOX project in the USA
How badly was the US taxpayer fleeced by Areva’s MOX construction project? “Back in 2000, the US and Russia agreed to dispose of 34 metric tons of plutonium. The US decided to build a facility to convert the weapons-grade material into fuel for commercial nuclear reactors. The plant, located in South Carolina, was called the Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility (MOX), and was expected to be completed within three years and cost $1.6 billion. Fast forward to today and the facility still has not been finished. The Department of Energy has sunk $4.5 billion into construction alone and estimates for finishing the job range between $25 billion and a staggering $114 billion. Not only is the project more than one-thousand percent over cost and years behind schedule, the MOX facility lacks even a single U.S. utility customer for its commercial reactor fuel.” (Feb. 9, 2016, Former Rep. David Hobson: “Not Cutting MOX Is My “Biggest Regrethttp://www.pogo.org/blog/2016/02/mox-radioactive-pork.html )
This is an AREVA consortium with Shaw (since bought out by CBI) so it is difficult to distribute blame. AREVA was also a contractor involved in the WIPP nuclear waste accident.