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Drigg Nuclear Dump.jpg

Many thanks to Sam for this eyeopening Guest Blog…..

Map Reading and Madness at the Drigg Nuclear Waste Dump

Guest Blog by Sam – the newest member of Radiation Free Lakeland

When you get off the train at Drigg you can’t miss the waste dump.   The fence runs right along by the platform and then on for another 1.7 km alongside the railway line. At intervals there are signs on the fence that say it is a nuclear licenced facility. The fence is green as I remember and has that spiralling wire rolled along the top. There is another fence inside this fence and a roadway in between them that a patrolling vehicle drives around. There are some scrabbling holes where rabbits have tried to dig their way in but have not succeeded as the fence goes down into the ground. However there are some specially made small gaps in…

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