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Idaho [Nuclear] National Lab (INL) benefits from fat cat funding and salaries, and promotes new nuclear reactors and thus waste. Idaho Senator Crapo actively tries to undermine US Nuclear safety, while getting more nuclear pork to create more nuclear messes within Idaho and without. But, large, underpopulated, Idaho, doesn’t want that nasty radioactive waste. Nope. Whereas Idaho gets the jobs and has an appropriate geology (granite) and climate (arid and cool) they want the radioactive waste to be dumped upon hot climates (arid New Mexico and Texas, and wet South Carolina) with inappropriate geologies for nuclear waste. And, if Idaho with 1.6 million people doesn’t get their way then they will shake-down the rest of the country, as though INL isn’t a big enough shake-down: “DOE shall ship all transuranic” [that is plutonium, americium, etc.] “waste now located at INEL, currently estimated at 65,000 cubic meters in volume, to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) or other such facility designated by DOE, by a target date of December 31, 2015, and in no event later than December 31, 2018… 3. SPENT FUEL & HIGH-LEVEL WASTE SHIPMENTS LEAVING IDAHO 1. DOE shall remove all spent fuel, including naval spent fuel and Three Mile Island spent fuel from Idaho by January 1, 2035. Spent fuel being maintained for purposes of testing shall be excepted from removal, subject to the limitations of Section F.1 of this Agreement. 2. Until all of the aluminum-clad spent fuel then stored at INEL has been shipped to the Savannah River Site, the cumulative number of shipments of spent fuel from the Savannah River Site to INEL under Section D as of the end of any calendar year shall not exceed the cumulative number of shipments of aluminum-clad spent fuel from INEL to the Savannah River Site for the same period. 3. DOE shall treat all high-level waste currently at INEL so that it is ready to be moved out of Idaho for disposal by a target date of 2035… In the event that the federal parties do not carry out the requirement that all spent fuel located at INEL be removed from Idaho by January 1, 2035, then subject to the availability of the appropriations provided in advance for this purpose, the federal parties shall pay to the State of Idaho $60,000 for each day such requirement has not been met. http://energy.gov/sites/prod/files/2014/03/f8/Idaho_Site_Agreement_1995.pdf $60,000 FOR EACH DAY. WIPP is still closed after an inevitable accident. This was signed in 1995 which means that it was under Bill Clinton.

While Idaho only became a state in July of 1890, they did reap benefits from the nuclear Navy so why not keep the waste? Why is it the problem of some other state? If Idaho isn’t part of the US then why do they have Senators fleecing America?

Wow! Look how gorgeous (not) this part of Idaho is that it must be protected and nicer places destroyed, or further destroyed, to keep it from being polluted even more than it already is… This is the ugly underbelly of two Senators per state no matter the population, which was meant to protect farmers and not the nuclear industry. SL-1 site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SL-1
SL 1 site Idaho via Wikipedia-Google

Never eat an Idaho potato for more reason than one: “The SL-1, or Stationary Low-Power Reactor Number One, was a United States Army experimental nuclear power reactor which underwent a steam explosion and meltdown on January 3, 1961, killing its three operators. The direct cause was the improper withdrawal of the central control rod, responsible for absorbing neutrons in the reactor core. The event is the only reactor incident in the United States which resulted in immediate fatalities.[1] The incident released about 80 curies (3.0 TBq) of iodine-131,[2] which was not considered significant due to its location in the remote high desert of eastern Idaho. About 1,100 curies (41 TBq) of fission products were released into the atmosphere.[3]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SL-1

Note that Cory Booker is tied into the Norcross machine and thus to Holtec, which is trying to build Small Modular Reactors and which sells spent fuel casks.
From Senator Crapo:
Crapo Nuclear Energy Legislation Overwhelmingly Approved by Senate
Bipartisan measure stimulates private-public partnerships, research

Thursday, January 28, 2016
Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Senate today approved overwhelmingly legislation written by Idaho Senator Mike Crapo that would increase nuclear research efforts at the Idaho National Laboratory and other national labs through new partnerships between the public and private sectors.  The vote of 87 to 4 to approve the amendment makes it a part of a larger energy policy reform bill before the Senate. 

Crapo, along with Senators Jim Risch, Sheldon Whitehouse, (D-Rhode Island), Cory Booker (D-New Jersey) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) and Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) originally introduced the Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act (NEICA), which was the foundation of the Crapo amendment voted on today.  The legislation, S. 2461, directs the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to prioritize partnering with private innovators on new reactor technologies and the testing and demonstration of reactor concepts.  Under the agreement today, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) would report to Congress on any barriers that would prohibit the licensing of new reactors within a four-year time period.

“This vote demonstrates the commitment in the Senate to a long-term future for nuclear power production and research opportunities,” Crapo said.  “This vote recognizes the many contributions to technology and research from the experts at the INL and our other partner national laboratories.  It demonstrates that, despite issues related to waste disposal which Congress can solve, nuclear energy is a vital part of a national, varied, approach to energy production.” [WHY IS CONGRESS SUPPOSED TO SOLVE THE NUCLEAR WASTE PROBLEM AND NOT THE IDAHO NUCLEAR RESEARCH LAB? THIS TELLS US THAT THEY EXPECT A POLITICAL SOLUTION TO THE WASTE. SO WHY IS THEIR LAB FUNDED? THIS SHOWS IT’S JUST A FLEECING OF AMERICA; A SHAKEDOWN OF THE WORST SORT.]

“Including clean nuclear energy as part of our nation’s ‘all-of-the-above’ energy strategy is a no-brainer,” said Risch.” IF NUCLEAR IS SO CLEAN THEN WHY DON’T THEY WANT THE WASTE FROM IT? RISCH IS THE OTHER IDAHO SENATOR. “Idaho’s history in advanced nuclear technology and the INL’s position as the nation’s preeminent nuclear energy research lab makes us a natural leader in this public-private endeavor.  I’m glad to see so many of my Senate colleagues agree that this legislation can and will do great things to encourage research and partnerships that lead to the next generation of reactors.”” [HE WANTS ALL OF THAT NEW NUCLEAR BUT NOT THE NASTY NUCLEAR WASTE, NOPE. IT IS SOOOOOO CLEAN AND THAT IS WHY THEY WANT IT DUMPED ELSEWHERE AND IF NOT THEY WILL SHAKE DOWN THE TAXPAYER FOR EVEN MORE MONEY IN A NEVER-ENDING NUCLEAR FLEECE.]
The Senate continues debating S.2012, the Energy Policy Modernization Bill, which now includes this bipartisan amendment.
https://www.crapo. senate.gov/media/newsreleases/release_full.cfm?id=362847


It is unjust and unfathomable that places which have willingly benefitted from high-paying jobs in nuclear labs try, and are allowed, to shuttle radioactive waste upon other communities which have not benefitted, even as these same labs continue to welcome more nuclear projects and experimentation. http://energy.gov/sites/prod/files/2014/03/f8/Idaho_Site_Agreement_1995.pdf This is especially true when the labs have already polluted the surrounding areas with radioactive waste, including from intentionally blowing up experimental reactors-fuels. The unmitigated gall by “environmentalists” and non-environmentalists alike of expecting poor, non-benefitting, regions or states with less appropriate climates and geologies to take nuclear waste created by them directly or indirectly (through nuclear programs) remains truly shocking. Idaho politicians and most likely those many benefitting from jobs at Idaho National Labs, in this low population state, appear excited to get more nuclear jobs to cause more mess for other places with Small Modular Reactor (and other) nuclear “research”.

Crappy Senator Crapo of Idaho is trying to undermine nuclear safety everywhere, while running after nuclear pork. This is the ugly underbelly of the Senate system which gives disproportionate voice to underpopulated states. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/04/27/us-senate-efforts-to-do-away-with-mandatory-licensing-hearings-for-so-called-advanced-nuclear-reactors-small-modular-reactors/ https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/04/28/us-senate-bill-2795-on-deregulation-of-the-nuclear-industry-are-senators-inhofe-booker-carpo-et-al-just-lazy-and-stupid-or-is-it-conflict-of-interest-why-is-sen-carper-such-a-jerk-a-quick-a/ ONE SENATE BILL STILL HASN’T GONE THROUGH AND CAN BE OPPOSED. READ MORE AT THE ABOVE LINKS.

Besides Irish potatoes, which they call Idaho potatoes, Idaho is most (in)famous as home to white supremacists. Idaho racists think that very fair-skinned blue-eyed blonds with Mediterranean ancestry have “tainted” blood, according to someone born and raised there. Clearly they wouldn’t include Italy in their Reich. Crapo is not Italian but a misspelling of a French surname and it must be from the north of France. Or does their crappy Senator have “tainted” Mediterranean blood? The other Senator Risch is clearly German by name. Did they not work out that Cory Booker is an African American? Holtec’s Kris Pal Singh can make the Aryan Nations happy, perhaps, by telling them that he’s from one of the “Aryan” parts of India.