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From Greenpeace.org:
Greenpeace Solidarity with Chernobyl Survivors
Stand in solidarity with Chernobyl survivors!

Today five million people in the Ukraine, Russia and Belarus live in areas contaminated by Chernobyl’s radioactive fallout.

Every day these survivors must make decisions on how to reduce or limit their exposure to radiation. Shopping, cooking, eating, working outside or heating their homes are daily choices that can put their families at risk.

They are being abandoned by their governments who are not taking adequate care of their citizens. Their governments scramble to cut protection programs that ensure needed monitoring, health treatments and uncontaminated food. This is so they can save money.

Worse still, these same governments want to spend billions on extremely risky nuclear energy while ignoring their responsibility to support those who still live in the shadow of Chernobyl’s radioactive legacy.

It is unjust to cut programs to protect Chernobyl survivors.

And it’s madness to spend more money on nuclear power when safe and clean renewable energy is affordable and ready to empower communities.

Please stand in solidarity with Chernobyl survivors. Tell the leaders of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia to reinstate programs to protect Chernobyl survivors from radiation exposure and ensure another Chernobyl never happens again by investing in modern and affordable renewable energy.

Make sure another Chernobyl never happens again
[Sample letter provided by Greenpeace can be signed at link below.]
Dear Presidents Lukashenko, Poroshenko and Putin,

As we approach the thirtieth anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, I would like to draw your attention to the plight of Chernobyl survivors.

Your countries are burdened with the long-term legacy of Chernobyl.

This is an enormous responsibility for your governments because so many of your citizens are still affected by the disaster. More than five million people live in areas that are still contaminated.
Chernobyl’s contamination will continue to put your citizens at risk for generations to come.

I am deeply concerned that your governments have chosen to cut measures intended to protect Chernobyl survivors from radiation exposure.

To make matters worse, while cutting support for Chernobyl survivors, your governments are determined to go ahead with plans to spend money on new nuclear reactors. Five years ago, the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan reminded us that the risk of another Chernobyl remains wherever nuclear power is used. This is why resources would be better spent on cleaner energy sources.

Since the Chernobyl disaster, renewable energy has blossomed and is now ready to safely and affordably power your countries.

I urge you to demand your governments respect the rights of Chernobyl survivors and reinstate programs to protect them from radiation exposure.

And please ensure that another Chernobyl disasters never can happen again by empowering your countries’ communities with modern and affordable renewable energy sources.

Sign letter, more info found here: https://act.greenpeace.org/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1844&ea.campaign.id=49719 (Emphasis our own).