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That Liberty Shall Not Perish
First came the plutonium and HEU nuclear waste from Japan and other foreign countries to America, and people remained silent… Now will radioactive rubble and old nuclear reactor parts from around the world be dumped upon America and/or Britain? Japan already tried to send its radioactive waste to be (legally) buried in the hills of southern Scotland, but was stopped with the help of the late Willie McRae.

On April 20th (Adolf Hitler’s birthday) EnergySolutions announced “ENERGYSOLUTIONS SIGNS JAPAN COMMERCIAL NUCLEAR REACTOR DECOMMISSIONING AGREEMENT“. The press release can be read on their web site. There is nothing in the press release speaking of export-import of nuclear waste. However, the large reactor parts, radioactive rubble, etc. and what to do with it appears the major problem of “decommissioning”, dismantling, old nuclear reactors. While Fukushima would be the common sense location for Japan’s nuclear waste and rubble, they don’t want it. Thus, the wise near an EnergySolutions waste dump will keep their eyes wide open and vigilant. EnergySolutions is trying to buy WCS in west Texas, as well – in what appears clear violation of US Anti-trust law.
Large Nuclear Components-Metal Parts Energy Solns Clive Utah Large Nuclear Components at EnergySolutions Clive Utah Dump. Defective Mitsubishi Steam Generators from San Onofre Nuclear Power Station in California have already found their way there…

One of probably multiple sites at risk in Britain, Lillyhall, – next to a school in Cumbria:
Lillyhall Nuclear Dump Cumbria by Radiation Free Lakeland lightened for clarity
Original photo by Marianne Birkby of Radiation Free Lakeland lightened to better see site. Note the large circle of water, showing how wet the site is.

Regarding the Lillyhall dump: “Much of the waste is likely to arise from decommissioning activities at Sellafield however there may be waste from other nuclear sites…. WRG has formed a joint venture with Energy Solutions to apply for permission to dispose of High Volume Very Low Level Waste (HVVLLW) at its landfill site in Lillyhall. The site has … disposed of small volumes of Very Low Level Waste (VLLW) since 1995.http://www.copeland.gov.uk/sites/default/files/attachments/CIS/pdf/nwp_090409_item6.pdf

Another view of the EnergySolutions Clive Radioactive Waste Dump
Clive Utah zoom in variety waste

EnergySolutions intends to buy Waste Control Specialists (WCS) radioactive waste dump, if not stopped. This is in clear violation of the spirit of US Anti-Trust, and appears in clear violation of the law. But, law is only useful if enforced. EnergySolutions was already formed by the merger of multiple radioactive waste companies. WCS is also planning to do interim storage of spent nuclear fuel in west Texas. US nuclear reactors have a lot of nuclear waste stored on site with no place to go, but since the US government has favored foreign plutonium and HEU waste over US needs for WIPP, the same may happen in this case, if allowed.
Rad Waste Barrels WCS Texas

The Sherman Act 1890 §2 states that any person “who shall monopolize . . . any part “of the trade or commerce among the several states, or with foreign nations shall be deemed guilty of a felony.” Section 2 also forbids “attempts to monopolize” and “conspiracies to monopolize.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monopolization While the above appears clear, the US DOJ which will have to enforce it (or not) seems to have a weaker interpretation, but EnergySolutions buying WCS still clearly violates USDOJ interpretation of another Anti-Trust law: “The Clayton Act is a civil statute (carrying no criminal penalties) that was passed in 1914 and significantly amended in 1950. The Clayton Act prohibits mergers or acquisitions that are likely to lessen competition.https://www.justice.gov/atr/file/800691/download

EnergySolutions was “founded by Steve Creamer in 2007 through the merger of four waste disposal companies : Envirocare, Scientech D&D, BNG America, and Duratek…On November 15, 2015, it was announced that EnergySolutions had signed a definitive agreement to purchase Waste Control Specialists for $270 million in cash and $20 million in stockhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EnergySolutions According to their web site EnergySolutions even owns Hittman Transport Services in Tennessee. That’s convenient, isn’t it?

One of our posts dealing with EnergySolutions: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/01/05/when-investment-bankers-deal-in-nuclear-waste-for-investment-profit-we-need-to-be-very-scared/

Some Radiation Free Lakeland posts on Lillyhall:

Click to access nwp_090409_item6.pdf


Re Waste Control Specialists application to be an interim storage facility for spent nuclear fuel: http://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1603/ML16036A345.pdf

NB: Although some of the EnergySolutions owners appear to be Jewish, at least one ethnic Jew was offered honorary Aryan status by the Nazis: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/03/19/paul-silverberg-lost-all-to-the-nazis-including-rag-and-rew-to-rwe-thyssen-flick/ With the US government having public hearings and comment deadlines re nuclear on symbolic dates, one cannot escape the possibility that EnergySolutions intentionally chose Hitler’s birth date.
That Liberty Shall Not Perish

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[Please note that this post was corrected – it had accidentally quoted Copeland gov as saying that waste was “safely” disposed of. This is impossible given that it’s radioactive waste dumped into a wet environment and apparently not contained. But, even if it were contained it’s impossible because of accelerated corrosion in a wet environment. Additionally there was an accidental dumping of even higher level rad waste. WordPress is currently not always saving corrections for it had been corrected.]