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Obama’s “Nuclear Security Summits” have been a deadly hoax for America. It is wonderful for those many countries who literally get shot of their nuclear waste by sending it to be buried in America. And for those, such as Russia, who have benefitted from US taxpayer largesse in the upgrade of over 200 Russian nuclear sites. As of this week, it is official that foreign plutonium is to be buried in New Mexico at the WIPP site, which is still closed after a radiological accident due to exploding plutonium waste. http://www.wipp.energy.gov/Special/WIPP%20Update%203_17_16.pdf The import of more foreign waste may be negotiated today and tomorrow under pretense of nuclear security. The real security risk is the transport of dangerous radioactive waste from facilities in safe countries (e.g. vaults in a Swiss Nuclear Research Center) to be dumped and buried on America’s shores. In short, treasonous Obama is terrorizing America with foreign nuclear waste, under pretense of “non-proliferation”. WIPP jam packs the plutonium waste and backfills it. Thus, it is a burial and it will come back out, sooner or later, fast or slow. The Obama administration is currently examining the possibility of importing over 200 tonnes of German nuclear waste, to be buried in Texas, Utah, or elsewhere. This is the worst sort of treason – kill the land and its inhabitants. Since WIPP is for US Defense waste, it’s hard to see how this can be legal.
That Liberty Shall Not Perish
Mother of Exiles
From her beacon-hand now Glows world-wide welcome to the world’s Radioactive waste.
Give me Your huddled masses of old Nuclear waste,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless nuclear waste,
tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden radioactive door

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_New_Colossus (That’s NOT what it’s supposed to say!) How does that make sense? Take America from American Indians, and rather than taking care of it, turning it into a nuclear waste dump for the world. How does this make sense? The US is led by a Morally Repugnant Elite.

The US taxpayer is paying $1.9 billion per year to have nuclear waste dumped upon it, while the US government lies and calls it “non-proliferation”: http://www.energy.gov/articles/energy-department-presents-fy16-budget-request These foreign countries will not pay for the inevitable damages to environment and health, which will occur as the buried nuclear waste leaks, burps, and explodes its way up. They claim to be paying some millions, at least in some cases, probably for packing and shipping to get shot of their nuclear waste! The US taxpayer is paying almost 2 billion per year to be dumped upon. In the past the US taxpayer paid for upgrades of a total of 218 sites in Russia! Meanwhile, Russia exports nuclear reactors and builds new nuclear subs. Nuclear giant Rosatom is Russian State owned.

This NNSA claim is an egregious, bald-faced, patent lie:
NNSA’s first priority is to seek a foreign solution that does not involve bringing this material to the United States” (p. 2, DOE/EA-2024). Liars! They have not sought “a foreign solution”. A Swiss research center (PSI) which has held Swiss Made plutonium for half a century in vaults is more capable of keeping it than the USA. They just don’t want to! The same is even more true for Japan. The Swiss vaults were almost certainly in an underground bunker too! Some bank vaults have survived nuclear bombs. Where will this plutonium go? Americans were warned one day before Christmas Eve, probably at 5 pm: “Eventual disposition of gap material plutonium would be in accordance with decisions made for disposition of U.S. surplus plutonium” (p. 3) DOE/EA-2024 December 2015 “ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT, FOR GAP MATERIAL PLUTONIUM – TRANSPORT, RECEIPT, AND PROCESSING” Note the December 23rd 2015 date: http://nnsa.energy.gov/sites/default/files/nnsa/inlinefiles/Final%20Environmental%20Assessment_122315.pdf

Well, guess where that is supposed to be? WIPP!
WIPP 22 May 2014
WIPP is still closed: http://youtu.be/VOK9bW4W94E
NNSA opens up their document with “What Happened?” WTF Happened? That’s what we would like to know! Were they bribed or are they members of the planned Nazi Fourth German Reich or what? When did the family of Frank Klotz, who signed off on this, leave Germany or Switzerland? We know that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is suing to get shot of the plutonium there, perhaps because the US is cancelling her campaign donor AREVA’s MOX facility. She is all for another campaign donor and “family friend” from the same village as her father (India born) Kris Singh to make nuclear reactors in South Carolina. So, it’s not for love of America or the environment. Hypocrite!

From the NNSA: “WHAT HAPPENED? – On March 29, 2016, the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) issued a Record of Decision (ROD) to implement its Preferred Alternative to prepare 6 metric tons (MT) of surplus non-pit plutonium for disposal at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in Carlsbad, New Mexico. The surplus plutonium would be prepared for disposal using the unique capabilities of the Savannah River Site (SRS) near Aiken, South Carolina. The 6 MT of surplus plutonium in the ROD includes all plutonium that has been sent to SRS from foreign countries.
WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT? – This ROD allows DOE/NNSA to continue its progress on the disposition of surplus weapons usable plutonium by establishing a clear, systematic course to ultimately remove 6 MT of surplus plutonium from the State of South Carolina for final disposal at WIPP. In addition, by providing a disposition pathway for foreign plutonium brought to SRS, it supports one of the core missions of DOE/NNSA, securing vulnerable nuclear materials. The importance of keeping nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists is clearer today than ever and is essential to protecting our Nation and allies. Since 1996, DOE/NNSA has removed or secured more than 5 tons of highly enriched uranium and plutonium from more than 40 countries…. After dilution, the 6 MT of plutonium can be disposed of at WIPP, a proven process that previously has been used in emplacing the nearly 5 MT of surplus plutonium currently at WIPP.
Related: http://www.srswatch.org/uploads/2/7/5/8/27584045/pu_rod_statement_from_nnsa_adminstrator_frank_klotz_march_29_2016.pdf

OK, Let’s Recap NNSA’s idea of securing vulnerable materials. It includes removing old, dangerous, and useless, Swiss Made plutonium from Swiss vaults at a Swiss nuclear research facility, diluting it, and burying it in WIPP. They pile it in, and backfill. That is burial. Before it was even backfilled look what happened.
WIPP 22 May 2014
Who has had more terrorist attacks anyway? US or Switzerland or Japan? We are excluding Japan and TEPCO’s ongoing terrorist attack where they continue to belch and spew radioactive materials from multiple Fukushima nuclear reactors in the air and ocean.

For more on the US plutonium inventory: https://www.fas.org/sgp/othergov/doe/balance.pdf The problem, of course, is that some will have turned into Americium. Meanwhile new plutonium is brought in, so the foreign plutonium amount could be sort of hidden. For instance, if 1 tonne of plutonium became americium and you import 1 foreign tonne of plutonium, the foreign plutonium becomes hidden from view (mathematically.)

WIPP is not only still closed since a radiological accident, they were on “safety pause” which they conveniently ended one day before the announcement!
March 28, 2016 WIPP Ends Safety Pause
A safety pause, declared by Nuclear Waste Partnership in response to air quality issues in two remote areas of the WIPP underground, was ended and normal work in these areas has resumed. The pause began February 22 after workers detected elevated levels of carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds (VOC) in two areas at extreme ends of the underground. The pause allowed time to thoroughly investigate each event while work in un-impacted portions of the WIPP underground continued.

Here is part of Canadian Thom Mason’s plan to cram as much as possible into WIPP.
US Plutonium Disposition Pu Red Team Thom Mason WIPP
http://nnsa.energy.gov/sites/default/files/nnsa/inlinefiles/Pu-Disposition-Red-Team-Report-081315vFinal-SM.pdf See: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/09/03/plan-to-dilute-dispose-disperse-us-plutonium-by-cramming-it-into-collapsing-wipp/

Plutonium is unstable and undergoes beta disintegration where Pu 241 becomes Am 241 and undergoes alpha disintegration for Pu 238, 239, 240, 242, leading to a uranium atom, a helium atom and 2000 Frenkel pairs. Nathalie Baclet et. al., (2002) “Self-irradiation effects in plutonium alloys stabilized in the δ-phase“, J. of Nuclear Science and Tech, 39:sup3, 148-151,

Japan is currently shipping 331 kg, (728 pounds) of plutonium to America, where, according to US policy documents referenced above, it will apparently be diluted and buried at WIPP or elsewhere, USA. It was sent, but hasn’t arrived. They said “sent”, probably intentionally. The “elsewhere” will come in when WIPP runs out of room and/or becomes “inoperable” again. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/ngo-joint-statement-against-secretive-plutonium-shipment-in-tokai-mura/ This is less than 1% of Japan’s plutonium. This is probably only the separated plutonium, but there is even more in spent fuel. Japan is NOT alone in sending their old plutonium to bury in America. The truth of the enterprise was made clear when Switzerland removed its half century old SWISS MADE plutonium from vaults, probably in underground bunkers and sent it to America.

One reason America’s becoming a dumping ground must be because it’s going to save foreign utilities and countries money by doing it on the cheap (for them). And, other countries don’t want the lethal, unstable stuff. They appear to be sending their oldest, most unstable, and least usable (for weapons or MOX) plutonium.

We are not told how old this plutonium is, although most of it seems to be 40 to 50 years old, maybe more. With age the plutonium becomes a greater radiological and natural explosive hazard due to the build-up of Americium and helium. The helium increases pressure which is probably why some or all of this foreign plutonium will be vented, even though this venting is not allowed for US waste. The vents may clog forming a weak spot on the casks themselves, which under pressure could lead to an explosion.

Clearly Japan can and would do a better job of securing this plutonium, along with the rest of its plutonium, than the US is doing at WIPP or any of its sites. It’s probably being sent because it is old, useless, unstable, highly radioactive and swelling, as is the case for the Swiss plutonium which was just dumped on America’s shores. Japan is probably keeping the newer plutonium for a weapons program.

A recent Los Alamos publication points out: “aging plutonium—ravaged day by day by its own radioactivity—is even more perplexing than fresh plutonium, and keeping it under control is painstaking, diligent work.” https://www.lanl.gov/discover/publications/1663/2015-october/_assets/docs/1663_25_Pu.pdf

The shipment from Japan has been condemned by NGOs, including Greenpeace, “as a dangerous distraction from the major problem in Japan which is its overall nuclear energy policy, where over 9 tons of plutonium remains stockpiled and there are  plans to produce many tons more during the coming decade.” See: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/ngo-joint-statement-against-secretive-plutonium-shipment-in-tokai-mura/

This is being orchestrated by the US DOE. It is notable that the head of the US DOE (since 2013), Ernest Moniz, is married to a Japanese Brazilian Naomi Hoki. For 2016, only, the US taxpayer will provide $1.9 billion for so-called nuclear nonproliferation activities where the US gov runs all over the world taking nuclear waste off the hands of other countries and dumps it on America. This figure may be much higher.
$1.9 billion for nuclear nonproliferation activities that will continue to reduce global stocks of weapons-useable nuclear materials.
$5.8 billion for Environmental Management to address the legal and moral obligations to clean up the legacy of the Cold War, including $248 million to maintain critical progress toward returning the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant to normal operations, with the goal of restarting limited operations early in 2016.

According to an earlier Los Alamos (2000) report “The transmutation products resulting from α-decay—radiogenic helium and other actinide atoms—can also affect bulk properties. After 50 years of storage, weapons-grade plutonium will have grown in the following amounts of transmutation products: approximately 2000 atomic parts per million (ppm) helium, 3700 ppm americium, 1700 ppm uranium, and 300 ppm neptunium. After that length of time, a piece weighing 1 kilogram will contain nearly two-tenths of a liter of helium measured at standard conditions. Said differently, after 50 years of decay, the accumulated helium in plutonium would generate a pressure of 3 atmospheres in an equivalent empty volume! The most important concern about the in-growth of actinide transmutation products in plutonium is their potential effect on the delicate balance of phase stability… Void growth is an obvious potential consequence of vacancy migration and clustering… Wolfer’s best estimate is that void swelling is expected to begin for δ-phase plutonium alloys in the temperature range of –30°C to 150°C after 10 to 100 years (for typical plutonium-239). Once void swelling begins, he estimates that the swelling rate will be approximately 1–2 percent per 10-year lifetime for plutonium-239. This value is similar to that found for other fcc metals. Compared with the range of swelling resulting from helium bubble formation, void swelling is the more important concern.” Number 26 2000 Los Alamos Science “Aging of Plutonium and Its Alloyshttp://permalink.lanl.gov/object/tr?what=info:lanl-repo/lareport/LA-UR-00-2619 While Livermore Lab now claims that Pu 239 triggers are ok for up to 100 years, they have given the same in-growth rate for helium (41 ppm vs the 40 ppm given above). What if they are wrong? What if the weapons go off accidentally? Clearly the Swiss may believe that this helium build-up is a problem, as this would help explain their removal of their old plutonium now. Or, maybe they and other countries fear that the US Presidents for the next 50 years might actually love America. So, they want to get shot of their nuclear waste now.

When Frank Klotz said “non-pit” plutonium, he probably includes pits which have been processed, as the Red Team did. “Pits use weapons-grade plutonium (WGPu). U.S. WGPu is about 50 years old. About nine-tenths of plutonium-241, a WGPu isotope, decays to americium-241 in that time. Since plutonium-241 is the source of americium-241 in WGPu, removing the current americium-241 would prevent WGPu from ever reaching its americium-241 limit, permitting reduction in equipment for that process and reducing worker radiation exposure. A plutonium isotope used in space probes, plutonium-238, is extremely radioactive. … Weapons-grade plutonium consists of about 94% Pu-239, the main isotope that supports a nuclear chain reaction, and several other plutonium isotopes… Pu-241 decays much more rapidly than the other isotopes in WGPu; its half-life is 14.4 years. It decays into americium-241 (Am-241, half-life 432 years), which in turn decays into neptunium-237 (half-life 2.1 million years). All the other plutonium isotopes decay into uranium isotopes…. The uranium present in existing pits is formed within the plutonium lattice and does not significantly affect the nuclear or mechanical properties of the plutonium. Therefore, uranium ingrowth in existing plutonium containing pits is not considered an issue. However, if the plutonium is recovered from an existing weapon and recast, the uranium is likely to go to the plutonium grain boundaries which may affect the mechanical properties. There is thus a tradeoff between the advantages of purifying aged plutonium to remove Am-241, as discussed in “Remove Americium from Plutonium,” and delaying purification.” “Nuclear Weapon “Pit” Production: Options to Help Meet a Congressional Requirement“, by Jonathan E. Medalia Specialist in Nuclear Weapons Policy, May 14, 2015 https://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/nuke/R43406.pdf They don’t mention the helium problem.

Explains that so-called “Gap” (i.e. unwanted) foreign plutonium will be disposed of with US origin plutonium: “Environmental Assessment For Gap Material Plutonium – Transport, Receipt, And Processing“, DOE/EA-2024 December 2015, http://nnsa.energy.gov/sites/default/files/nnsa/inlinefiles/Final%20Environmental%20Assessment_122315.pdf

This gives the plan for US origin plutonium, which is apparently to dilute enough to go into WIPP and then cram it in there: “Plutonium Disposition Red Team Report“, led by Canadian Thom Mason: http://nnsa.energy.gov/sites/default/files/nnsa/inlinefiles/Pu-Disposition-Red-Team-Report-081315vFinal-SM.pdf

A similarly dangerous dilute and bury plan is found here. The difference is that this will probably be buried in commercial nuclear burial grounds which are even less sophisticated than WIPP: “Environmental Assessment of German Nuclear Waste“: http://energy.gov/sites/prod/files/2016/01/f28/Draft%20DOE%20EA%201977_FOR%20PUBLIC.pdf

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