Nuclear Reactors are illegal in Ireland: But, St. Patrick was born in Britain and Sellafield lies just 60 miles from the Irish coast.

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Ravenglass, in Cumbria, is believed by many to be the birthplace of St. Patrick.
St. Patrick
The UK has poisoned more Holy sites with nuclear facilities than you can shake a stick at. St. Patrick’s birthplace is not alone.

Increased Levels of Americium 241 were recently reported in the mud at Ravenglass (RIFE, Oct. 2015). Americium 241 has a half life of over 400 years and will remain deadly for well over 4,000 years. Slight increases in cesium and plutonium were reported as well, by the UK government.

From at least Roman times, Ravenglass “had housed a colony of black-headed gulls on local sand dunes across the estuary. In 1981 nature reserve wardens noted a dramatic decline in the estimated 12,000 breeding pairs of black-headed gulls. By 1985 the colony was all but defunct. Many naturalists suspect that Sellafield’s high discharges of the late 1970’s were responsible, in some way…

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