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Remembering Tony Benn: 3 April 1925 – 14 March 2014. On nuclear energy: “I learned from experience, it wasn’t cheap, with the cost of storage of nuclear waste and the research; it isn’t safe, because Chernobyl and Three Mile Island and Windscale and so on; and it wasn’t peaceful. But all the time it was motivated by the desire to build nuclear weapons.”

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Tony Benn Democracy Now March 10 2006
Interview starts at 10 min: http://youtu.be/_c5CAO8X5Fw
From DemocracyNow.org:
“FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2006
Former Labour MP Tony Benn on how Britain Secretly Helped Israel Build Its Nuclear Arsenal

We have an extended conversation with Tony Benn, one of Britain’s most distinguished politicians and the longest serving MP in the history of the Labour party. Benn discusses the new revelations the British government helped Israel build the atom bomb. Benn also speaks about U.S. and U.K. relations, extraordinary rendition, Guantanamo Bay, torture, religion, and the state of the media. [includes rush transcript]

BBC News revealed Thursday the British government secretly supplied Israel with hundreds of chemical shipments in the 1960’s, despite fears the chemicals could be used to develop nuclear weapons. Analysts say the shipments, which included plutonium, helped speed up Israel’s acquisition of an atomic bomb. All told, the BBC reported the British chemicals could have been used to produce bombs…

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