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Below are US NRC documents to comment, as of October 26th. Probably there will be more tomorrow. Most of these items are very important. The most important, of course, is the attempt to increase public exposure to deadly radiation by 100 times more than international (ICRP) recommendations and 400 times more than the US EPA allows. It is an extermination protocol. Not only will everyone get at least one cancer, but the ICRP points to increased lethal embryonic effects at doses above 100 mSv, and malformations (ICRP, 103, 2007, p. 57).

Clearly, only those funded by nuclear utilities and other parts of the nuclear industry (and the NGOs which they fund) can comment on all of these topics. While it is good that people still have the right to comment, it is almost impossible for the average person to comment on all of these. Perhaps someone who has followed this for many years can do so.

It appears some combination of NRC as self-perpetuating bureaucracy and sneak-through changes to further the financial interests of the nuclear industry, occasionally while feigning something good, as when they pretend to increase value of life $9 million (Deadline Nov. 3rd), but, in reality, they are not doing so. If you wish to learn more about their value of life tricks, please come back to our blog within the next few days.

If the USNRC is doing something you can almost be certain that it’s something bad. You just have to work backwards and forwards and figure out what their tricks are. At the USNRC it’s Halloween everyday – almost all tricks with only poisonous radionuclides for “treats”. In this, they are a reflection of the nuclear industry which they clearly represent, rather than regulate.
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Rulemaking License App Amendments p. 1
Generic Comm, Draft Reg Guides p. 2
Policy Statements Draft Interim Staff Guidance p. 3
Info Collection p. 4 Links to comment and updates found here: http://www.nrc.gov/public-involve/doc-comment.html