On Tuesday 8th September Nikki Clark & Theo Simon were cleared of aggravated trespass at St Levens dock at Devonport Dockyard in Plymouth, where they had disrupted illegal work on Trident Nuclear Weapons system in July last year.

Why were they cleared? because the Crown Prosecution Services case against them had more holes than a colander. Having spent a more than a year being subject to very restricitive bail conditions the two activists had prepared a case against the lawfulness of Trident and the neccessity of their actions which was all heard during the one day trial in Plymouth.

During the trial the court, media & members of the public heard about why Trident is illegal under International Humanitarrean Law, Customary International Law and under the Geneva convention which was adopted into UK domestic law in the early 2000s.

Part of the Geneva convention is the principle of distinction…

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