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September 22 update:
Interim Prime Minister Zida is reported by BBC Africa as having been freed by the Junta (Presidential Security Regiment) during the night-early this morning (Sept. 22). The Junta took Zida, and other officials, hostage last week as part of their coup d’etat. Elections were planned for early October. Zida appears to have been freed because Burkina Faso military threatened the Presidential Security Regiment. Gilbert Diendéré, last week’s coup leader, is suspected as having been head of the commando which slaughtered Thomas Sankara during the Coup of October 1987, which installed Blaise Compaoré as dictator. Sankara was recently exhumed and the instructing judge called lawyers representing interested parties to learn the results of the autopsy and ballistic report on September 17, 2015. The results were delayed due to the coup. Coincidence or not?[1,2]
September 21, 2015:
While mainstream media around the world speak of the release of interim President Michel Kafando by coup leaders, it takes effort to find any information about the fate of interim Prime Minister Isaac Zida. As of this writing, interim Prime Minister of Burkina Faso, Isaac Zida, appears to still be a hostage, subsequent to a coup d’etat, even as interim President Kafando was released.
twitter.com/usembassyouaga Zida 20 Sept 2015

US Ambassador to Burkina Faso, Tulinabo Salama Mushingi, tweeted on Sunday “I just met with Prime Minister Zida and I can assure you he’s doing fine“. Given the fate of President Thomas Sankara, assassinated by now former Dictator Blaise Compaoré, by all accounts, the plight of Prime Minister Zida, held hostage by Compaoré’s men, should raise concern. Perhaps by this writing he is a free man. Perhaps he is already dead.

Based on a French article by Marcus Boni Teiga:
Burkina: Prime Minister Yacouba Isaac Ziba Must Be Freed

The authors of the “stupidest coup in the world” (as it was baptized by Burkina citizens who protested across the country with courage and determination against the putschists of the so-called National Counsel for Democracy (CND)) took hostage the President Michel Kafando, the Prime Minister Yacouba Isaac Zida and some other governmental ministers of the transitional government on September 16th. Taking hostages is considered a terrorist act by the African Union, who forcefully demanded, along with the vast majority of the people of Burkina Faso themselves, the liberation of all those (thus illegally) taken hostage by the Presidential Security Regiment (RSP) who led the coup d’etat on September 17th.

General Gilbert Diendere, the head of the putschists, named president of the CND, and, of course, ipso facto, self-proclaimed president of Burkina Faso, said that the above mentioned inidividuals, illegally held, would be quickly released – obviously not without pressure from the international community. But, against all expectations, as all of the forces of Burkina organized themselves and coalesced, and a return of constitutional order is the demand most shared by the people of Burkina Faso – with the exception of the former majority pro-Blaise Compaoré, Prime Minister Yacouba Isaac Zida is missing. President Michel Kafando and the ministers formerly taken hostage by General Gilbert Diendere, and his men at the RSP, have been effectively liberated, even if doubts still persist about the freedom of movement of President Michel Kafando.

But, even while the President Macky Sall of Senegal – current President of the Economic Community of the West African States (ECOWAS) and Boni Yayi – designated mediator for Burkina – proceeded to consultation with the socio-political protagonists to address this crisis, the liberation of Prime Minister Yacouba Isaac Zida is still awaited. It is slow coming, to the point that one has the right to ask the true motivations for which he is still deprived of his freedom.

Prime Minister Yacouba Isaac Zida must be freed!

English based on translation of the French article by Marcus Boni Teiga, journalist and founder of Courrier des Afriques: http://www.courrierdesafriques. net/2015/09/burkina-il-faut-liberer-le-premier-ministre-yacouba-isaac-zida

Unfortunately we’ve no time to study, or pontificate upon, the reasons why Isaac Zida is still under arrest. Nor have we had time to keep up with Burkina politics of late. However, an educated guess says that they probably have to do with things like the gold mines of Burkina Faso, investigation into the death of former President Thomas Sankara, said to have been assassinated by, or assassination ordered by, Blaise Compaoré, macabre findings allegedly found at the home of the brother of Blaise Compaoré, etc. While we haven’t had a chance to definitively figure out if Zida is a “good guy”, we know for a fact that Compaoré is a “bad guy”, and have known this for now decades. Thus, Zida being held hostage constitutes an emergency and is a life and death matter.

See also: “Burkina Faso: The Stupid Coup and Peoples’ Power in West Africa“, By Jibrin Ibrahim” Posted by: Newsdiaryonline Posted date: September 20, 2015 http://newsdiaryonline.com/burkina-faso-the-stupid-coup-and-peoples-power-in-west-africa-by-jibrin-ibrahim/

Burkina Faso coup: Junta insists on staying on“”The general who led a coup in Burkina Faso this week insists on remaining in power until polls are held, according to a document seen by the BBC.http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-34307996
Duh, that’s why it’s called a coup!

See: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2014/11/01/gold-mining-poverty-debt-militarism-and-revolt-in-burkina-faso/ https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2014/11/06/burkina-faso-gold-a-double-edged-sword/

September 22 (update) notes:
BBC Africa: http://www.bbc.com/afrique/region/2015/09/150922_ziida_free
There is a worrisome comment here that one African official from Senegal spoke of a potential “Civil War”. http://www.bbc.com/afrique/region/2015/09/150917_burkina Is there a plan for tearing up and destabilizing Burkina in an effort to secure the gold mines and sell more weapons?
Qui est Gilbert Diendéré, nouvel homme fort du Burkina Faso ?” Par Raoul Mbog et Pierre Lepidi Le Monde.fr Le 17.09.2015 à 16h12 • Mis à jour le 17.09.2015 à 18h58. http://www.lemonde. fr/afrique/article/2015/09/17/qui-est-gilbert-diendere_4761379_3212.html
Sankara ballistic call by instructing judge for Sept. 17 2015