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Great White Fleet
Teddy Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s entertainment of a proposal to increase radiation exposure for the American people by 100 times (100 mSv) the already high amount considered acceptable internationally (1 mSv), and 400 times that allowed by the US EPA (0.25 mSv), can be called nothing but a genocidal war on the American people, as it means that 80% of Americans would get cancer from this exposure alone, if it did not build up in the environment and if it were the only exposure.

Comment here: http://www.regulations.gov/#!docketDetail;D=NRC-2015-0057 (Original deadline was Sept. 8, now extended to Nov. 19).

But, it does build up in the environment, and it is not the only radiation exposure. Not only is there background radiation and medical exposure, the US FDA has their own murderous protocol allowing 15 times more radiation (1500 Bq) in US food than allowed in Japan (100 Bq), and the ingestion of which, at maximum level, within only about 2 1/2 to 3 years would lead to around 1% of the population getting cancer from food alone. [Update: The BEIR VII, 2006, estimates were 1%. New research published at the end of October puts the estimate at 10% – see links below.]

Thus, the 100 mSv per year proposed almost certainly guarantees at least one cancer per American, by conservative government funded (BEIR) estimates, and almost half will die with their lives having been shorted 14 to 15 years, i.e. to around retirement. Other researchers put this figure at double, i.e all would die. The BEIR (2006) commission heard a presentation by Ed. Calabrese of U. Mass Amherst, who appears a quasi-hidden hand behind this proposed policy, and rejected his claims that radiation was good for people, aka “hormesis”.
[Update: After this post was written, new research was published indicating that the risk is 10 x higher than previously thought, so that the 100 mSv would result in one extra cancer per American in approximately 10 years time: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/10/21/new-study-of-us-uk-french-nuclear-workers-supports-linear-no-threshold-model-radiation-is-bad-for-you-increased-dose-is-increased-risk-hormesis-debunked-funding-from-pro-nuclear-govts-nuclea/ https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/10/22/nuclear-worker-study-affirms-that-low-doses-of-radiation-are-deadly-increased-cancer-risk-much-worse-than-previously-believed/ ]

Already in 1950, the late William Russell of Oak Ridge National Labs stated regarding ionizing radiation: “There is no threshold dose. In other words, genetic changes may be expected at any dose, no matter how small…” His wife and colleague, genetics pioneer Liane Russell, also presented before the BEIR (2006) commission.

The formal initiator of the 100 sSv petition, Carol Marcus, is trained at the VA, who shockingly still refuse to take complete responsibility for US Veterans exposed to radiation in the line of duty. If, for instance, they have the “wrong” cancer, they are given the run around. Already in the 1930s, the US government and FDR were trying to avoid responsibility for Veterans. Senator Huey Long spoke up for the Veterans: We ought to take care of every single one of the sick and disabled veterans. I do not care whether a man got sick on the battlefield or did not; every man that wore the uniform of this country is entitled to be taken care of,…” Huey Long cited in Classic Senate Speeches, Sen. Robert Byrd, vol. 3, p. 592
[ See also: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/radioisotopes-program-was-cover-for-avoiding-liability-claims-from-vets-human-radiation-experiments-expanding-the-agenda-to-all-americans-with-100-msv-per-year-proposal-of-cancer-for-all-comment-d/ (Based on a US government document and with more details re Carol Marcus et. al.)]

Marcus is supported by a list of apparent lunatics or blood thirsty maniacs, half of whom are foreign, or have foreign affiliation, and many of the others are, or have been, affiliated with the Nuclear Navy and US Nuclear Labs, especially Sandia, run by the biggest military contractor Lockheed Martin. Close to half of the supporters are also associates of Ed. Calabrese who has received funding from the US military, the US Dept. of Energy, and private corporations, like Exxon, to prove that radiation and toxic chemicals are not only safe, but even beneficial. This saves them a lot of money. As already noted, the US government funded BEIR committee has rejected the claim that radiation is good for you, a claim which also runs counter to basic biology. The American petitioners all seem to be past the age at which they wish everyone else to be dead. Apparently, peering over the precipice of average age death, and looking into the bowels of hell, due to their evilness, they have decided to take everyone else with them.

The 100 mSv per year is surely in violation of international law, as it is a warfare which impacts women and children, even more than adult men.

The original deadline for comments to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission on this proposal to murder the American people was September 8th. It has now been extended to November 19th, because the pro-nuclear lobby stated they had been on vacation. (Did they mean permanently out to lunch?)

Eighty years ago, on September 8, 1935, US Senator Huey Long was shot and died at 4 am on Sept. 10th. As will be seen below, Senator Long was at the forefront of fighting pretty much the same entities, as we are having to fight. This includes Standard Oil, now Exxon. Little known is that Exxon was actually involved in nuclear fuel fabrication too: http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML0729/ML072960026.pdf Maybe they still are, as they have recently spoken in favor of nuclear energy. Although their funding of Calabrese seems to have been linked to supporting toxic chemicals as healthy, Exxon would benefit from a radiation is good for you protocol in saving money on injection wells, which include concentrated radionuclides (NORM-TENORM) brought up during the petroleum extraction process. If radiation is good for you, then they can just dump radioactive NORM wherever they please.

Huey Long was also at war with the utilities, who stand to benefit from the 100 mSv per year protocol, which will allow them to easily and cheaply dismantle old nuclear reactors, further increase deadly radioactive emissions at operating reactors, and solve the unresolved dilemma of nuclear waste. Furthermore, the US taxpayer funded DOE and NRC are closely tied to the utilities, supporting research for them and supporting the policies wanted by them. The DOE also doles out taxpayer money to contractors running the many US nuclear labs and waste sites.

While President Eisenhower warned of the rise of the Military Industrial Complex, it actually had been in existence for some time already, since World War I. It just became an ever ballooning murderous pork-barrel regime and became an even more deadly nuclear military industrial complex starting in World War II and moving into the Cold War. Part of the ballooning was in the form of sponsoring universities for research and propaganda, as Eisenhower warned. Ed Calabrese of U. Mass Amherst epitomizes this problem. And, while we might wish to leave nuclear weapons out of the nuclear energy debate, it is impossible to do so, especially with workers at Lockheed-Martin’s Sandia lab leading the charge for the 100 mSv per year protocol. Lockheed Martin is the maker of Trident nuclear missiles. It is also impossible because nuclear energy has always been a facade for the nuclear weapons complex. Does anyone believe that Saudi wants nuclear for the energy? They want nuclear weapons. One of Her Majesty’s subjects, from the UK or Canada, teaching at a brand new university in Saudi Arabia, Chris Davey, is one of the many foreign affiliates on the list of supporters wanting Americans to be nuked by 100 mSv per year. WTF? Most of the World Trade Center terrorists were from Saudi Arabia.

After initially supporting Franklin Roosevelt, Huey Long became a bitter opponent to FDR, because FDR didn’t uphold his promises. Had Huey Long lived, he would have easily beaten FDR in the presidential election. Following in the footsteps of his cousin President Teddy Roosevelt, who sent the Great White Fleet around the world, FDR as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, worked to protect the Navy against cuts after World War I – a war which Huey Long apparently opposed, as not in America’s interest. Teddy Roosevelt, like his cousin FDR, served as Secretary of the Navy, as well as President. Teddy appears to have been a mixed bag, because on one hand he engaged in trust busting, but he was also an ardent imperialist. He was actually the uncle of FDR’s wife Eleanor. There was another Roosevelt who served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. FDR’s ancestor made money in the opium trade. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roosevelt_family

Had Huey Long become president, he would have cut the financial and arms support out from under Hitler, so there would have been no World War II, or it would have been shortened.

And, without the nuclear Navy the nuclear industry would be short of pro-nuclear propagandists, and probably would lack manpower to operate its reactors. At least two nuclear navy trained men are signed on to the 100 mSv per year proposal.

The FBI actually had a file about Huey Long, though a lot seems to be about his supporters, after he was dead. In that file, one finds that the FBI followed a man who alleged that FDR had Long murdered and was even in Baton Rouge at the time. This speaks volumes. (See FBI letter at bottom of page)

Who killed Long? Standard Oil or FDR or (more likely) both? He didn’t die until September 10th.

Senator Huey P. Long (D-LA), age 42, sustained a gunshot wound to the right upper abdomen at close range just before 9:30 pm on September 8, 1935….
The anti-Long Henry McKowen, MD, was reached. He had made an off-hand comment a few days earlier—“If I ever give Huey an anesthetic, I will put him to sleep for good”—and agreed to participate only if Lorio would watch his every move as a witness. Lorio agreed.,
” The Ochsner Journal, Ochsner Clinic Foundation, “Huey P. Long’s Last Operation: When Medicine and Politics Don’t Mix” Michael C. Trotter, MD, FACS, 2012 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3307515/

So, there you have it. Had Long not been shot, or survived the shooting, we probably wouldn’t be sitting here. There would be no nuclear industrial complex. Hitler would have been stopped with sanctions. Hitler couldn’t have survived, for instance, without Switzerland laundering the gold he stole. And, other countries and banks were involved in arming Hitler, in that early period (e.g. Sweden). Some US companies and banks are reported to have been involved too. Switzerland stayed with Hitler to the bitter end. The overbloated taxpayer funded, out of control murderous bureaucracies of the US Dept. of Energy, US Nuclear Reg. Commission, and Nuclear labs would probably never have seen the day, if Huey had lived. If one had, it would be the US Dept. of Energy studying renewables. Former nuclear navy man, Jimmy Carter, tried to get huge amounts of funding to shift America to solar. Had he been successful, we wouldn’t be here either. All of this pork-barrel funding to already wealthy corporations would not be in existence, had Huey lived. This is where the real robbery is. It’s not in welfare for the poor, but in welfare for utilities and other corporate interests.

Long believed that ending the Great Depression and staving off violent revolution required a radical restructuring of the national economy and elimination of disparities of wealth, retaining the essential features of the capitalist system. After the Senate rejected one of his wealth redistribution bills, Long told them, “[A] mob is coming to hang the other ninety-five of you damn scoundrels and I’m undecided whether to stick here with you or go out and lead them.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huey_Long

Shortly before he was assassinated, By the summer of 1935, Long’s Share Our Wealth clubs had 7.5 million members nationwide, he regularly garnered 25 million radio listeners, and he was receiving 60,000 letters a week from supporters (more than the president).[46]

Huey Long “won fame by taking on the powerful Standard Oil Company, which he sued for unfair business practices. Over the course of his career, Long continued to challenge Standard Oil’s influence in state politics and charged the company with exploiting the state’s vast oil and gas resources. He stood for the little man, and felt that large and increasingly powerful companies exploited him in pursuit of gaining ever greater profits.[4]… Long was elected to the Louisiana Railroad Commission in 1918 at the age of twenty-five on an anti-Standard Oil platform. (The commission was renamed the Louisiana Public Service Commission in 1921)He used his position on the commission to oppose “large oil and utility companies, fighting against rate increases and pipeline monopolies… As chairman of the commission in 1922, Long won a lawsuit against the Cumberland Telephone Company for unfair rate increases, resulting in cash refunds of $440,000 to 80,000 overcharged customers. Long successfully argued the case on appeal before the U.S. Supreme Court, prompting Chief Justice William Howard Taft to describe Long as one of the best legal minds he had ever encountered.”

If they got to leave, they can go to Hell and stay there.” — Huey Long on threats by Standard Oil to leave Louisiana” (cited in T. Harry Williams, p. 872) http://www.hueylong.com/perspectives/huey-long-quotes-in-his-own-words.php

They kept on hollering, and I simply had to put my foot down. I said, ‘I’m the governor and I say the ignorant in this state have to learn, blacks as well as whites.’ And they learned.” (Huey Long cited in T. Harry Williams p. 706)

We started them to school. They learned to read. They learned to work simple arithmetic problems. Now some of our plantation owners can’t figure the poor devils out of everything at the close of each year.” (Long cited in Williams p. 524) https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Huey_Long

Huey Long campaigning for Hattie Caraway, the first female US Senator to be elected on her own to a full term.
Hattie and Huey on the campaign trail

In January of 1935, Huey Long alleged that Standard Oil wanted to have him killed, because in December of 1935 he had gotten a 5 cent per barrel tax put on oil refined in Louisiana. On August 9th, 1935, one month before he was shot and killed, Huey Long implicated pro-FDR people in an assassination plot. (p. 135, “The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up“, November 15, 2014, by Donald Gibson. There is much more detail on this, and subsequent, pages of the book.) In this context the FBI spying on a man who alleged that Huey had been killed by FDR is all the more interesting. (See bottom of our post).

Huey Long – Nothing to Show for the Debt

Now this big debt would not be so bad if we had something to show for it. If we had ended this depression once and for all we could say that it is worth it all, but at the end of this rainbow of the greatest national debt in all history that must get bigger and bigger, what do we find?

One million more unemployed; 5 million more families on the dole, and another 5 million trying to get there; the fortunes of the rich becoming bigger and the fortunes of the average and little men getting less and less; the money in the banks nearly all owned by a mere handful of people, and the President of the United States quoted as saying: “Don’t touch the rich!”
When I saw him spending all his time of ease and recreation with the business partners of Mr. John D. Rockefeller, Jr., with such men as the Astors, etc., maybe I ought to have had better sense than to have believed he would ever break down their big fortunes to give enough to the masses to end poverty–maybe some will think me weak for ever believing it all, but millions of other people were fooled the same as myself. I was like a drowning man grabbing at a straw, I guess. The face and eyes, the hungry forms of mothers and children, the aching hearts of students denied education were before our eyes, and when Roosevelt promised, we jumped for that ray of hope.”
Senator Huey Long: http://www.ssa.gov/history/longsen.html THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — January 14, 1935

It was the poet Horace who warned that Rome would fall in the days of Augustus Caesar. He expressed the line: “Penniless and great plenty.”

So are our American people today. Too much to eat, to wear, or to live in; too much, and yet we are penniless and starve.

Here are the words of Pope Pius in his encyclical letter of May 18,1932, which I, a Baptist, caused to be placed in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD. Hear these words:

From greed arises mutual distrust that casts a blight on all human dealings; from greed arises hateful envy which makes a man consider the advantages of another as losses to himself; from greed arises narrow individualism which orders and subordinates everything to its own advantage without taking account of others, on the contrary, cruelly trampling under foot all rights of others. Hence the disorder and inequality from which arises the accumulation of the wealth of nations in the hands of a small group of individuals who manipulate the market of the world at their own caprice, to the immense harm of the masses, as we showed last year in our encyclical letter.” Sen. Huey Long, THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — January 23, 1935 http://www.ssa.gov/history/longsen.html

Huey P. Long: THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — January 23, 1935

MR. FRAZIER: Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent to have printed in the RECORD a radio address delivered by Senator HUEY P. LONG, of Louisiana, over the network of the National Broadcasting Co., of Washington, D.C., on January 19 last.

There being no objection, the address was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, as follows:

Our Growing Calamity

Ladies and gentlemen, the only means by which any practical relief may be given to the people is in taking the money with which to give such relief from the big fortunes at the top. The common people haven’t anything worth having; and when you put a tax that falls on them for the purpose of unemployment relief or for old-age pensions, or for anything else, you are giving nobody any relief, because you are taxing the same people who have nothing, on the pretense that you are going to give it back to them. And as a matter of fact, it all never does get back, but much of it would remain in the hands of these Washington bureaucrats and politicians.

Now, we have been clamoring for a number of relief measures. Among them was the old-age pension. We did not propose any unreasonably high old-age pension as some other plans have suggested, but we did propose that every person who reached the age of 60 should receive something around from $30 to $40 per month. We excluded from the list all people who owned $10,000 worth of property or who earned as much as $1,000 per year.

Now, along comes Mr. Roosevelt and says that he is for the old-age pension of $30 a month, but he says that it shall be paid by the States. And he says up until January 1, 1940, this $30 a month may be paid by the States to those who are over 70 years of age and after that time to those who are 65 years of age. Then he says that before they can get the $30 a month that the State government has got to put up one-half of the $30, and then it shall be paid only to those who are needy. And then he says that in order to get the money for the part the Federal Government is going to put up, that they will put a tax on all payrolls, so that the money would be taken from the very source and class to whom it is intended it would be paid.

What the Roosevelt pronouncement for old-age pensions means is that he would scuttle it inside and out. In other words, he will proceed to show how unreasonable, how impossible an old-age pension system can be, and how much harm can be done by trying to bring it about.

His plan contemplates that the Federal Government will contribute $125 million for old-age pensions throughout the United States. That is not a drop in the bucket. It will take $3 billion to pay an old-age pension to all people who are 60 years of age; and unless the United States Government puts up all of the $3 billion, you will not have any old age pension system that is worth anything.

Now, the only way you can get $3 billion is by taxing the billionaires and multimillionaires, and nobody else, because if you tax the poor wage earner, who is barely making a living now, you will do more harm than good in trying to build up an old-age pension system. All the worthy movements that have been advocated throughout the United States are always praised by Mr. Roosevelt, who prescribes, in order to carry them into effect, a remedy that means you try to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.

He admits that most of the people of America are impoverished because the rich people have all the money. He says they ought not allow them to have it all, but in the next breath he gives out a statement that the big rich must not be taxed very much, and that is as far as we ever get with him.

He rode into the President’s office on the platform of redistributing wealth. He has done no such thing and has made no effort to do any such thing since he has been there. There is only one relief that can come to the American people that is of any value whatever, and that is to redistribute wealth by limiting the size of the big men’s fortunes and guaranteeing that, beginning at the bottom, every family will have a living and the comforts of life. We can pass laws today providing for education, for old-age pensions, for unemployment insurance, for doles, public buildings, and anything else that we could think of, and still none of them would be worth anything unless we provided the money for them. And the money cannot be provided for them without these things doing twice as much harm as they do good unless that money is scraped off the big piles at the top and spread among the people at the bottom, who have nothing.

Any man with a thimbleful of sense who would be trying to help the poor people today by taxing the poor people so as to give the money back to them, ought to be bored for the hollow horn. Now, Mr. Roosevelt has better sense than that, but he is faced with a proposition. He has made the promise to the people that he will tear down these big fortunes by putting some reasonable limit on them, and he has further promised to build up the little man from the bottom. But he feels he doesn’t dare keep that promise; he doesn’t dare to keep that promise, and so, what is he doing? He makes every kind of move showing he is for this and for that; that he wants to appropriate a little money–so much for this and so much for that–but when you wind up, you find what he actually does is, that if there is any tax that can be levied on the poor people to give these things back to the poor people, that then he prescribes that kind of cure that never has cured or will cure.

The big interests realize Roosevelt’s plan would not cost them anything, which is the same as saying it will be no relief to the poor. Here is the proof of that admission from the financial page of the New York Times of January 18, 1935:

The action of the stock markets yesterday indicated that Wall Street was not alarmed by the President’s message to Congress on social security legislation. The financial community had been hopeful that the plan would not be so ambitious as to retard recovery. By its freedom from liquidation, when the message appeared on the news tickers, the market indicated that Wall Street did not feel that the plan would increase taxation unduly, since it would be largely self-sustaining.

What Wall Street is saying by this dispatch is that the big men of Wall Street were a little bit apprehensive for fear Roosevelt would provide some relief or social legislation that would cost them something, but they are glad to see whatever he does will be self-sustaining. That is, the poor people who get relief will pay for it. In other words, the poor people will be allowed to help the poor people, a poor wage earner will be allowed to help his aged father or mother and take away a little more from his wife and children. “Ain’t” that grand? Yet Wall Street says they are much pleased with it because it means they will not be touched for the necessary money to cure the ills of our people.

Now, our conditions today are much more deplorable than they were in [Herbert] Hoover’s depression. The Roosevelt depression is just a double dose of the Hoover depression. In 1929 we started out with the public debt under Hoover of $16,931,000,000, and we wound up under Hoover with his depression showing a public debt of $19,487,000,000, or an increase of $2 billion practically all of which increase under Hoover, however, was covered by loans made by the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, for which it had adequate security and collateral, and so, in fact, there was scarcely any such thing as an increase in the public debt under Hoover as compared to Roosevelt.

So we started in, in 1933, with the Roosevelt depression, starting from the Hoover national debt figure of $19,487,000,000. Now, when we got to December 31, 1934, the national deficit had been raised by the Roosevelt depression to $28,478,000,000, or an increase of approximately $9 billion, and most of it is just that much more debt, good and simple.

Now, how much good has been done with it? Has it cured unemployment? Get ready to laugh, if crying will do it. I will give you some unemployment figures that will shed the light as it ought to be. Here they are as they exist today: …” More here: http://www.ssa.gov/history/longsen.html

FBI File Huey Long FDR
FDR calendar showing that he was nowhere near Louisiana in the month preceding Long’s death: http://www.fdrlibrary.marist.edu/daybyday/daylog/september-8th-1935 Of course, he wouldn’t have to be.

Roosevelt and the Navy: “Roosevelt’s support of Wilson led to his appointment in 1913 as Assistant Secretary of the Navy[72] under Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels. Roosevelt had a lifelong affection for the Navy—he had already collected almost 10,000 naval books and claimed to have read all but one—and was more ardent than his boss Daniels in supporting a large and efficient naval force.[73][74] As assistant secretary, Roosevelt worked to expand the Navy and founded the United States Navy Reserve. Against reactionary older officers such as Admiral William Benson—who claimed he could not “conceive of any use the fleet will ever have for aviation”—Roosevelt personally ordered the preservation of the navy’s Aviation Division after the war,[75] despite publicly opining that Billy Mitchell’s warnings of bombs capable of sinking battleships were “pernicious”.[76] Roosevelt negotiated with Congressional leaders and other government departments to get budgets approved. He opposed the Taylor “stop-watch” system, which was hailed by shipbuilding managers but opposed by the unions. Not a single union strike occurred during his seven-plus years in the office,[77] during which Roosevelt gained experience in labor issues, government management during wartime, naval issues, and logistics, all valuable areas for future office.[78]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franklin_D._Roosevelt

The original deadline was Sept. 8th. The new deadline is November 19th. Is that symbolic too? Some choices for November 19th events that might be related: “1943 – Holocaust: Nazis liquidate Janowska concentration camp in Lemberg (Lviv), western Ukraine, murdering at least 6,000 Jews after a failed uprising and mass escape attempt. 1944 – World War II: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt announces the 6th War Loan Drive, aimed at selling US$14 billion in war bonds to help pay for the war effort.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/November_19

Those signed on to support Carol Marcus’ 100 mSv per year protocol. Yellow are foreigners or foreign affiliated; red boxes are Calabrese associates; red underline are nuclear navy or nuclear labs.
http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML1507/ML15075A200 SARI list supporting 100 mSv