Up to 2,000,000,000,000 radioactive emissions per second of deadly Pu 241, half-life 14 years, which becomes deadly Am 241, half life 432 years, legally to one UK landfill each year. The half-lives in the body of Am and Pu are 20 to 50 yrs. Pu 241 is but one of many dangerous radionuclides going legally to landfill. This amount of Am 241 would lead to an estimated 40,000 excess cancers, mostly for future generations.

The River Ribble and Radioactive Landfill The River Ribble and Radioactive Landfill

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Make Room for Radioactive Landfill! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Make Room for Radioactive Landfill!

Radioactive Landfill Radioactive Landfill  “Safegrounds” SITA ppt

A while back the brilliant anti fracking campaigner Tina Louise Rothery posted on the Radiation Free Lakeland facebook page requesting help to stop the huge expansion of Whitemoss landfill. We looked at Whitemoss, near Skelmersdale and what goes into the landfill is very, very  nasty ….even without radioactive wastes.

What we found though was that Whitemoss was indeed designated for receipt of low level radioactive wastes. According to the Cheshire West and Chester Local Plan for 2015: “Currently low level radioactive waste is exported to Whitemoss Landfill site in Lancashire”. So we asked Questions under Freedom of Information.   What happened next is incredible. The reply came back within 6 days not from the Department of the Environment (who we addressed the FOI to) but from Whitemoss Landfill:

Whitemoss Landfill (25…

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