Wylfa-Fukushima  23rd -25th August 2015 Wylfa-Fukushima
23rd -25th August 2015

Wylfa -Fukushima August 23-25th Events Wylfa -Fukushima August 23-25th Events

Naoto Kan Naoto Kan

On 23 to 25 August, at a camp near the Tregele and Cemaes, the location of
WYLFA power station, guests from Japan, who have lived through the
Fukushima disaster, will warn the people of North Wales and the pro-nuclear
authorities not to go ahead with the planned huge 3 GigaBite reactor WYLFA
B. There are countless unknowns that can lead to a nuclear catastrophe and
any safety is a completely unrealistic idea in connection with any nuclear
devices . Speakers from the campaign against Hinkley point, the nuclear
powerstation in Sumerset, and representatives from Greenpeace and Friends
of the Earth will inform us about their progress.
The existing power station at Wylfa has been shut down many times because
of faults and leaks of radiation into the environment and such events have
always been kept quiet. As there…

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