Energy vs. Electricity is a very very important and often overlooked distinction!


Nuke Liar Awards Nuke Liar Awards

NuGen Told By the Advertising Standards Authority Not to Repeat Lie

Bigging Up Moorside…..

– But This Does Not Go Far Enough!

Letter sent today to Tim Farron MP

Dear Tim,

I would be very grateful if you could ask Secretary of State Amber Rudd
the following on Radiation Free Lakeland’s behalf.

NuGen Advertorial
In April the proposers of three AP1000 reactors on greenfields and
floodplain near Sellafield, put out an advertorial in all Cumbrian
newspapers. This double page advertorial stated that the proposed
Moorside nuclear power station would provide about “7% of the UK’s energy

Energy v Electricity
NuGen had printed the word ‘energy’ meaning ‘electricity’ The station
would actually be predicted to only supply less than 2% of future UK
energy demand (see below).

ASA Complaint
We wrote to the ASA pointing out that NuGen’s advertorial was out by a
factor of X 3.5…

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