Smoking is good for you ...

....and in 2015 Radiation is Good for You “Scientific Evidence that Smoking is Good for You” ….and …Now in 2015 “Radiation is Good for You”  !!   ………………….Give us the Truth

In a move reminiscent of the tobacco industry’s blatant lies about health the nuclear industry is desperate to repackage the effects of radiation as benign.

We have just received a message from our colleagues at Kick Nuclear.  Please read it and take action on this proposed law change in the US designed to protect the nuclear industry at the expense of our health and safety.  If this happens in the US …it will happen here.  The nuclear industry is in effect being deregulated like there is literally no tomorrow

Dear All,

Very disturbingly the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is considering making the hormesis model of radiation’s effects the basis for setting radiation standards.

Dr Ian Fairlie has published a paper explaining LNT vs Hormesis

A reader of…

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