“Rail service celebrations marred by protests”, 18 July 2015, reported itv news. (itv.com) Bravo!


Nuclear Trains  Nuclear Trains
“Celebrate 20 years”

Yesterday was surreal.  Thousands of train enthusiasts descended on the back road train depot of Kingmoor in Carlisle encouraged by Direct Rail Services  to “celebrate 20 years” in a Charity Open Day.  The £5 entrance fee going to ‘charity’ i.e. cash strapped local hospitals and good causes that in ‘austerity’ free days would be funded by government.

Now the Nuclear industry can show off its largesse while the public pay for the privilege of shunting nuclear wastes around our towns and villages.

The demographic attending the Open Day was largely eager older men with their notebooks and cameras at the ready to photograph the engines.  The train enthusiasts were interspersed with families with excited young children running down to meet the DRS teddy bear and the nuclear freight engines.

Direct Rail Services is wholly owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and was set up specifically to haul radioactive…

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