Our recent Stop Moorside demo at the Bird Cage in Kendal for just one day had to provide public liability up to £5million. In contrast the nuclear industry has to provide just £140m altogether, that is not going to go very far in recompense!

#StopMoorside & World Anti Nuclear Day

Surely the land around Sellafield, acquired by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority was bought out of the public purse as a buffer zone around Sellafield ?

This was to ensure that there would be



This was enshrined in the Copeland 2001-16 Local plan. Protections are now being ditched like radioactively hot potatoes to accommodate the nuclear industry and our nuclear obsessed government who plan to double the terrorist target of Sellafield with ‘Moorside’s nuclear sprawl on green fields adjacent to the flood plain of the river Ehen.

The only protections now are for the nuclear industry at the
expense of Cumbria and the wider environment. What other industry would
be allowed to operate with a barely nominal public liability in the event of
contamination accident?  In the event of an accident or contamination event the public  picks up the tab.   Our recent Stop Moorside demo at the Bird…

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