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Related comment period, deadline today 11.59 US Eastern Time: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/07/12/us-nrc-manager-comments-on-nrc-document-opposes-emergency-preparedness-for-nuclear-fuel-facilities-comment-deadline-monday-13-july-11-59-pm-ny-dc-et/
Buzz Davies Map Erwin area 2012
They Knew All Along Buzz Davies p. 1
They Knew All Along Buzz Davies p. 2
They Knew All Along Buzz Davies p. 3
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NFS Enviro Report 1984
NFS Erwin Wind Rose Population Buzz Davies submiss
http://www.dnfsb.gov/sites/default/files/Board%20Activities/Letters/2012/ltr_2012102_21566.pdf (Red boxes added. The above was submitted to John Batherson, Associate General Counsel at United States Government, Washington D.C. Metro AreaLegal Services, GAO, in 2012, by retired nuclear quality assurance engineer, Buzz Davies, and was presumably written by him. The accompanying email is at the bottom of this post.)

Thus we see that the US taxpayer has paid billions to dump foreign radioactive waste upon America – $1.9 billion is proposed for 2016 only. Securing the HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium) is a big fat lie.
NNSA’s efforts have focused on preventing terrorists from acquiring the most dangerous of nuclear materials, namely highly enriched uranium (HEU) and plutonium. Even small amounts of these materials could be used to create a catastrophic nuclear weapon with the ability to kill hundreds of thousands of people. In support of President Obama’s Four-Year Effort to secure the world’s most vulnerable nuclear material, DNN completed security upgrades at 32 sites in Russia (for a total of 218 sites), removed more than 5,060 kilograms of nuclear material, removed all HEU from 12 countries/locations, completed 24 bilateral physical protection assessments of foreign facilities holding U.S.–obligated nuclear material, and provided physical protection training to nearly 2,500 foreign officials either bilaterally with partnering countries or multilaterally with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).http://nnsa. energy.gov/sites/default/files/nnsa/12-13-inlinefiles/2013-12-12%204%20Year%20Effort.pdf

For 2016, only, $1.9 billion has been requested for so-called nuclear nonproliferation activities where the US runs all over the world taking the HEU to supposedly reduce global stocks of weapons-useable nuclear materials, some of which ends up in the Nolichucky River, which goes to the Tennessee and part goes to the Ohio R., the Mississippi R. and out to the Gulf of Mexico below New Orleans and part splits off to the Tennessee Tom Bigbee waterway and also ends up in the Gulf of Mexico. http://www.energy.gov/articles/energy-department-presents-fy16-budget-request

Less than 100 years ago this area was as pristine an environment as could be found in the Northern Hemisphere. Around 200 years ago it belonged to the Cherokee still – as seen on the map. In that historically short period the land and waterways have been destroyed forever by deadly, long-lived radioactive materials. For what? Why did they steal the land from the American Indians only to destroy it? Why worry with terrorists when the US NRC-DOE allow the nuclear industry to poison America with long-lived, deadly, radioactive materials?

Mr. Davies probably really means Exxon and not Exelon! Exxon did Nuclear Fuel Fabrication at Hanford: http://pbadupws.nrc.gov/docs/ML0729/ML072960026.pdf

Original email with yellow and red highlights added. Unfortunately the US DOE is as bad or worse than the NRC.
Buzz Davies letter to US Atty Batherson p. 1
Buzz Davies letter to US Atty Batherson p. 2
http://www.dnfsb.gov/sites/default/files/Board%20Activities/Letters/2012/ltr_2012102_21566.pdf (Emphasis our own)
The map at the top is also from the above link. It is probably of the cancer clusters, but could be sampling spots.