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Trans Pacific Partnershipwould give corporations, including nuclear ones, power over government laws. Wikileaks reveals another corporate friendly global trade plan – Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)

Renewable Energy. Nuclear power production beaten by renewable energy in 2014 and beyond.  Renewable energy looking good for institutional investorsSunshine and seawater to power farms in the desert.

Nuclear fusion: US Congress debating this   a wasteful boondoggle?

Nuclear propaganda. Especially on social media, nuclear and thorium power trolls are ramping up their attacks on critics of nuclear power.

FRANCE: As the world’s poster child for nuclear power,this country is suffering great embarrassment as its government struggles to save the almost bankrupt nuclear giant AREVA. Just saved, for the moment, AREVA is broken up in a messy merger with EDF – which is also struggling financially. Risk of nuclear meltdown due to faulty valves in AREVA’s new-generation EPR…

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