Alfred Wainwright %22Atomic Carbuncle%22 Amber Rudd %22Beautiful Nuclear%22

Alfred Wainwright famously called Calder Hall an “atomic carbuncle.”  That was in the halcyon days when the nuclear sprawl at Sellafield was so much smaller.

Now Amber Rudd, the Secretary of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change is urging “beautiful” new nuclear build.   When I see Sellafield I see:

*uranium mines in Kazakhstan annihilating the Saiga antelope’s habitat, in Australia polluting water, in America causing damaged immune systems

*transports of uranium hexaflouride to Ellesmere Port and then manufacture of fuel at Springfields in Preston spewing radioactive wastes to the River Ribble

*the ditching of renewables to make way for nuclear

*increases in leukaemia and other radiation linked diseases

*spent nuclear fuel transports i.e. nuclear waste by train arriving at Sellafield for reprocessing

*spent fuel being dunked in gallons of  nitric acid making yet more high level liquid radioactive wastes

*open ponds of hot radioactive wastes

*animals being…

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