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WORLD. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists launches Cost Calculator for the nuclear fuel chain.

Cyber attack an increasing threat to nuclear facilities – says IAEA.

Whole brain radiation found not to be beneficial for brain cancer patients.

USA. Significant rise in ionising radiation in atmosphere over Southern California. Censored emails show US govt concern about Fukushima radiation on West Coast of USA.

USA’s defense authorisation bill- unaffordable – detached from budgetary reality. New EIA analysis shows nukes don’t help reduce carbon emissions under EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

70 years of cancer-causing nuclear pollution in St Louis.

JAPAN. Japan’s government’s optimism on nuclear power future doesn’t ring true- finance analysts. Restart of Sendai nuclear plant will be delayed.

Fukushima. Greenpeace releases confidential IAEA Fukushima-Daiichi accident report. Fukushima Daiichi ‘s Port has Record Levels of Radiation.  Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) official warns on 

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