Not in Our Name Not in Our Name

Today outside Whitehaven Civic Hall we sang our songs, spoke to lots of people and handed out leaflets countering the propaganda from the nuclear industry.  Lots of people stopped to tell us that they are opposed to new build “but what can we do – they’re gonna go ahead anyway”    Well certainly that is what the criminal companies hiding behind the bland NuGen brand want the public to think and that is how the CONsultation is designed.  Sandy Rupprecht, NuGen’s Chief Executive answered ITV’s Samantha Parkers question thus:

ITV – Q:   What would you say to these demonstrators.
NuGen – A:   One of the aspects we really like about West Cumbria, it’s not just the nuclear heritage, but it’s also the passion that’s here for the environment. We need that passion to come out to educate us and give us information so that…

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