Sellafield Tarn Then... and Now Sellafield Tarn Then… and Now

Moorside -

Join us on 16th May to say NO to Moorside. We will be handing out leaflets to counter the lies being promoted by the industry who are determined to push this diabolic plan along whatever it takes.  We (You! Us! )  must be equally determined to Stop Moorside…bring music, bring banners, bring friends, bring farmers, bring Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Bring Friends of the Lake District, bring hoteliers, bring fishermen…

We will be outside Whitehaven Civic Hall from 11am on the first day of the industry’s sham CONsultation. Sham because the consultation is a means to keep pulling Cumbrians along the radioactive road. The nuclear industry and that includes the nuclear weapons industry are on a genocidal path.

The same companies responsible for Fukushima are looking to build 3 dangerous nuclear reactors described by nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen as “Chernobyl on Steroids”.

No one, but no one…

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