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I emailed Marianne Birkby to congratulate her on her letter in the Daily Mail on
1st. May. She complained about BAE sponsoring Furness Academy in Barrow.
I mentioned that about 20 years ago, as a governor of Hodgson High School in
Poulton-le-Fylde, I was aware of the £100,000 being given by BAE to the school, and other amounts in some successive years. Professor Gardner, with a high position in BAE Warton, was accordingly co-opted as a governor. He and I could discuss such issues in a civilised manner. He attended the same Catholic church as my wife.

I was aware that BAE were sponsoring a number of high schools throughout the UK. The professed rationale was to encourage pupils to take up apprenticeships at BAE. (If a tobacco company sponsored a school, I think there would be outrage from all quarters, but weapons to kill people…

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