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Bayeux Tapestry Norman Invasion 1066
French Invasion, Norman Conquest, 1066, Bayeux Tapestry
As discussed a few days ago, the UK Dept. of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) wants to declare highly radioactive waste, effectively “non radioactive”, by magical fiat, in order to send to it to landfills throughout the UK. Once exempted, the waste can end up not only in landfills, but as construction filler or anyplace else for “Controls on disposal of this material, after removal from the premises where the wastes arose, are not necessary.” Almost all nuclear reactors in the UK are currently owned by French State owned EDF. The second French invasion is radioactive.

The amounts effectively declared “non-radioactive” (approx. 4000 Bq/kg) and to be sent to landfill are 6 x more radioactive than allowed for EU food (4 x greater than UK food rules; 40 x greater than Japanese rules) and allow 400 x more tritium (40,000 Bq/liter) than legally allowed in water. Clearly this will impact agriculture and drinking water. The becquerels will actually be much higher for fluffy things, which can be compacted, because this is based on volume and not weight. A small box which is 0.1m3 (47 cm x 47 cm x 47 cm) can hold up to 400,000 Becquerels (radioactive emissions per second). It is stated, in the definition of VLLW, that “Controls on disposal of this material, after removal from the premises where the wastes arose, are not necessary.” (p.7 Appendix A). https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/04/18/sending-highly-radioactive-waste-to-landfills-in-the-uk-comment-by-21-april-vote-7-may/

Comment period ends today: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/consultation-on-an-update-of-the-uk-strategy-for-the-management-of-solid-low-level-radioactive-waste-from-the-nuclear-industry More importantly: Educate your friends and Vote 7 May.
Loch Lomonde
MP Ed Davey (Lib Dem) and Sandip Verma of the UK DECC want to dustbin 4,000,000 Becquerels per cubic metre (≈ 1.3 cubic yards) even of very long-lived radionuclides, like plutonium, into “unspecified” destinations with municipal, commercial or industrial waste. This is already being done at three UK sites, as in Tennessee USA, but could spread to the thousands of landfill sites throughout the UK, by magically declaring the waste non-radioactive. (To find your nearest landfill: http://apps.environment-agency.gov.uk/wiyby/37823.aspx )
Once exempt, it can apparently end up in non-landfill sites, too.
Nuclear Crossroads Scotland
If the current UK government is not thrown out on the 7th of May, and this policy stands, we predict that within a few years time that large reactor parts from French, German, Swiss or Belgian Nuclear reactors will be found in the Scottish Highlands, along with radioactive rubble. It could happen elsewhere in the UK too, if no one is looking. The US State of Tennessee has had a similar policy of sending nuclear waste to landfill and found large reactor parts from a nuclear reactor in a landfill. The nuclear reactor hailed from several states away.

As we have already pointed out, French State owned EDF requested permission to store nuclear waste from other EDF Energy stations in Scotland. According to the SEPA Consultation documents, majority (85%) French state owned EDF wants to “combine similar waste arsings from other EDF Energy stations” at Hunterston B (and Torness) in Scotland. Of course, they meant to say “arisings” but what a Freudian slip is “arsings”! A narrow reading is that this would involve the 15 nuclear reactors operated by EDF in the UK. A broad reading could mean an additional 67 plus French nuclear reactors. EDF in the UK is called EDF Energy, but it’s a fully owned subsidiary of EDF, SA of France. A request for import and a request for exports translates into an overall picture of using Hunterston B and Torness as EDF import-export facilities or staging areas. EDF says that this will “help EDF Energy implement centralised approach to the management of radioactive waste“, which further clarifies their intent. The two Scottish facilities would be used for “interim storage“, “loading” and “onward transfer.” This corresponds to the French ideal of centralising everything. As clear on maps, Hunterston B is conveniently located on the Irish Sea and Torness on the North Sea. A logical interpretation is that EDF wants to make these two Scottish locations into radioactive waste import-export hubs; staging areas. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2014/10/02/french-state-owned-scottish-epa-of-radioactive-arsings-and-aneries-sepa-edf-consultation/

Is this dustbin strategy about taking old French, German and possibly even Japanese nuclear reactor waste and rubble? When people woke up and blocked the underground waste dump in the Ayrshire Hills of Scotland, 35 years ago, it was partly because they found out that it was for Japanese Nuclear Waste and not just British waste.

During the 1980 Mullwharcher inquiry about proposed dumping of nuclear waste in the Ayrshire Hills, the late Willie McRae famously said: “Nuclear waste should be stored where Guy Fawkes put his gunpowder.” If the UK Parliament wants new nuclear so badly, then they should indeed be willing to store it under parliament. You can be certain, that if all nuclear waste were stored under Legislative and Executive buildings, then it would be very well-protected, well-funded, and there would be no explosions or leaks allowed.

Why the urge by the UK to send radioactive waste to landfill, for metal recycling, etc; why the urgency for a deep geological repository, except perhaps to take nuclear waste from the European Continent and possibly Japan? French State owned EDF (for which MP-DECC Ed Davey’s brother worked as a lawyer) requested use of Scottish nuclear reactor sites (EDF operated) for extra nuclear waste storage – perhaps as a nuclear waste staging ground. Germany has a track record of repeatedly sending, or trying to send, its radioactive waste to other countries: UK, US, Russia, China, and German radioactive sludge ended up on what was Italy’s best farmland, now the triangle of death, with mafia help. The proposed French nuclear waste dump is in clay upon thermal springs; the German ones in leaking or collapsing salt mines. Both countries are desperate to get shot of their nuclear waste. The US is complying by taking high level waste from Germany, France and other countries, mostly under the fake cover of “non-proliferation”, even though it has no place for its own waste. The UK appears to be setting up to take the rubble and other low level waste of the continent into landfills. Obviously, it is unacceptable for UK waste to be sent to landfill, but foreign waste is that much worse. See more here: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/04/18/sending-highly-radioactive-waste-to-landfills-in-the-uk-comment-by-21-april-vote-7-may/

Here are the names of those UK parliamentarians who voted to dump local democracy in order to facilitate foisting a geological waste dump upon local communities. Those few who did not are also on the list. If you wish to have local democracy, as opposed to a centralised authoritarian state, which is outpost to the French State, then you need bear these names in mind when you vote on the 7th of May. http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201415/cmhansrd/cm150325/debtext/150325-0004.htm Recall that due to the Chunnel and TGVs, Paris is closer to London, than much of the UK is.

Another insane nuclear waste policy in the UK and the US involves the crushing of nuclear waste into waste pucks. Storing crushed pucks appears very dangerous for leakage-corrosion. It is apparently for “LLW is defined as radioactive waste that is below 4 Gbq of alpha activity per tonne and below 12 GBq of beta-gamma activity per tonne.” (p. 4) 4 GBq is 4 million becquerels per kilogram. 12 GBq is 12 billion becquerels per tonne, i.e. 12 million becquerels per kilogram. A becquerel is a radioactive emission per second. Very hard to imagine and certainly not “low level”.

In the Scottish Highlands at Dounreay. If Willie McRae had not been killed, he would have participated in an inquiry re Dounreay.
Rad Waste Pucks Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd-NDA, OGL
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd-NDA, OGL

German Low and Intermediate Level Waste. Not really a need to compact it into “pucks” is there?
schleswig-holstein.de/ArchivSH/PI/MJGI/PDF/2012/2012_0307_PI_BilderBrunsbuettel rusted radioactive waste drum after empty
The above image was after the drum had been emptied.
schleswig-holstein.de/ArchivSH/PI/MJGI/PDF/2012/2012_0307_PI_BilderBrunsbuettel Peek into Radioactive Waste Cavern
The above offers a peek into the radioactive waste cavern. http://www.schleswig-holstein.de/ArchivSH/PI/MJGI/PDF/2012/2012_0307_PI_BilderBrunsbuettel__blob=publicationFile.pdf

The above waste was found at Brunsbüttel Nuclear Power Station. It is 67% owned by Swedish State owned utility Vattenfall and 33% by German utility E.ON., both of which are suing the German State over the nuclear shut-down. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brunsbüttel_Nuclear_Power_Plant

If you read on the internet you may conclude that Germany spends a lot of time trying to get other people to take their radioactive waste, whereas their time would be better spent finding serious solutions at home. Note that the German Rhineland is high risk for earthquakes, and not far to the east of the lower Rhine, there is a risk of volcanic eruption. However, this does not justify their dumping of waste upon other countries. South Carolina, where Germany wishes to send their high level waste, is prone to large earthquakes. Germany has had 70 years to develop a new line of intellectuals, after they lost most due to the rise of Hitler. Time for Germany to put innovation to work and stop what is effectively bullying other countries by trying to export-refusing to take back Germany’s nuclear waste.

Appendix A – Glossary of technical terms and abbreviations” (LLW, p. 4; VLLW, p. 7) https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/398407/LLW_SEA_ESR_Vol_2_Appendices_Rev_3_Jan_2015.pdf