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We were alarmed upon reading today, in the Economic Times of India, about India making nuclear caskets in the context of Prime Minister Modi’s Areva-EPR nuclear deal with France.[1] And, after all, with a population of 1.252 billion, that could be a lot of caskets. Is that Modi’s “Made in India” program? The day before the French government had just fessed up to a defective nuclear reactor pressure vessel at the new Areva-EDF EPR nuclear reactor in France, which will lead to nuclear catastrophe if it goes online.
Warsaw coffins CC-BY-3.0, Attribution:  Photo by Tom Oates, 2013, via wikipedia

According to the US National Academy of Sciences, BEIR report, for every 100 mSv exposure to radiation, there is a one in 100 chance of getting leukemia or cancer – whether it is 1 mSv per year for 100 years or 25 mSv for 4 years or 100 mSv at once. For certain groups the risks may go even higher, according to the BEIR report.

Then we re-read the article which says that the France-India pact is part of the “Made in India initiative“, involving “production of nuclear heavy forging” within India. They note that “This is critical for making of outer casket for nuclear reactors which Areva usually sources from Japan…” What is this “casket for nuclear reactors“? Is it to bury bankrupt Areva? It sounds like they mean part of the reactor pressure vessel, which is at least partly made in Japan for Areva, but there is nothing outer about that!

In another Economic Times article, today, it says that Areva was also worried about the liability law but following the understanding between the US and India, and the creation of the nuclear insurance pool, it’s seen as less of a problem.[2]

What that means, in short, is that if defective Areva nuclear reactors go online in India, along with known to be defective Russian ones, that the US, Japanese and some other non-French and non-Russian ratepayers-taxpayers [3] are responsible for both, through the suicide pact called the “Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage“, which, on the US end, uses the Price-Anderson, which is supposed to be paid, after the accident, by the utilities. Either the taxpayer or ratepayer will be left holding the bag. Areva is French government owned. Rosatom is Russian government owned. Neither France nor Russia were stupid enough to join this liability Convention. And, yet, any defective equipment sold by them appears covered.

This is carte blanche for the selling of defective equipment.

This “nuclear deal” was brought to America and India by India’s very own. The new US Ambassador to India, Richard Verma, was born in Edmonton, Canada of parents from the Punjab area of India. Moreover, he worked as a Steptoe & Johnson lobbyist for the US-India Business Council to push the “U.S. India Civil Nuclear Agreement and radification of the 123 Agreement in compliance with the Henry Hyde Act,” along with “US-India Civil Nuclear Agreement’s 123 Bilateral Agreement in 2008. (radification appears a Freudian slip). [4]

A press release from Nov. 25, 2008 announced that Nuclear Energy Institute was partnering with the US-India Business Council for the “largest trade mission of US commercial nuclear executives ever to visit India“. That just so happens to be the year that Richard Verma was their lobbyist. And, it just so happens that when Verma got appointed Ambassador that this Convention was agreed or discussed again.

And, it was time to see what updates are at the aptly named “Dianuke.org”: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/04/11/the-french-government-must-respect-human-life-in-india-and-terminate-the-nuclear-negotiations-in-the-wake-of-the-new-revelations-about-areva-edf-frances-defective-epr-nuclear-reactor-pressure-vessel/

References-Photo Credit

Image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:CoffinShopWarsaw.jpg
CC-BY-3.0, Attribution: “Photo by Tom Oates, 2013”

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(liability law)
[3] Due to the “Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage“, the US, Japan, India and, to a lesser extent, Morocco, Romania, Argentina and the UAE pay now when India has a major nuclear accident. The taxpayers and/or ratepayers will be liable, as the insurance pool is retroactive. It uses the “Price Andersen” liability pool for the USA. France is not a member of this Nuclear Suicide “Convention”, which encourages the selling of defective equipment, by protecting the makers of nuclear equipment from liability. France benefits by liability free sales. Areva is around 90% French State owned and 4.8% Kuwait owned via the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA). They have been under investigation for years regarding the Uramin scandal, and would be bankrupt if not supported by the French taxpayer.
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