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[Recall that Areva is 89.9% French State owned and would be long gone if it weren’t for French taxpayers keeping it afloat. Furthermore, Areva has been under police investigation for years in France due to what is known as the Uramin scandal. After the French State the largest shareholder is Kuwait (Kuwait Investment Authority at 4.8%.]

From Savannah River Site Watch:
Now, we’re being told the real reason for continuing construction of the $12.7 MOX plant at SRS – “it’s good for France!” Part of DOE’s foreign aid program fostered by Senator MOX….
French ambassador impressed with MOX
Aiken Standard, March 17, 2015,

We all know that with the gracious assistance of big-spender Senator Lindsey Graham that the bankrupt company AREVA has thrived on the transfer of US tax payer money into their coffers and are getting desperate as their plans for reprocessing of commercial spent fuel in the US have gone down the drain.

“We want to save the jobs in South Carolina because it’s good for the state, he (Wilson) believes it’s good for the U.S. and to me, it’s good for France,” Araud said. (Gerard Araud, France’s Ambassador to the United States)

“The MOX facility is being designed by AREVA, a French company that is also the parent company to the MOX contractor, CB&I-AREVA MOX Services. Gilles Rousseau, the chief operating officer for the contractor, expressed his gratitude for having Araud on site.
Business at its Ugly Usual at DOE: As of April 4, 2015, there is No Accountability to the Tax-Paying Public for the U.S. DOE’s Grossly Mismanaged $30+-billion Plutonium Fuel (MOX) Project, a Textbook Case of Big Government’s Inability to Manage a Costly, Complex Project. When will Secretary of Energy Moniz and Congress act to hold those responsible accountable?

As DOE spins out of control in its management of large projects, the MOX coverup drags on and on and on. When will there be any accountability for the failed MOX project?

SRS Watch requested in a letter hand delivered to US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz on July 29, 2014 that he “Take immediate steps to hold managers in DOE, NNSA and Shaw AREVA MOX Services accountable for the massive cost overruns and schedule delays associated with MOX project.” http://www.srswatch.org/uploads/2/7/5/8/27584045/letter_to_moniz_from_srs_watch_july_28_2014.pdf

Will Secretary Moniz act responsibly and fulfill his obligations as a public servant? Will he hold specific individuals accountable and make sure that their glaringly inadequate abilities in managing the MOX boondoggle are not used elsewhere in DOE? Let us know who you think must be held accountable: srswatch@gmail.com

358: Days since AREVA was requested by Savannah River Site Watch to release their life-cycle cost estimate for the MOX program and days they have stonewalled the request. http://www.srswatch.org/uploads/2/7/5/8/27584045/mox_cost_request_to_areva_jones_april_15_2014.pdf Warning: AREVA has challenged DOE’s $30+ billion MOX estimate but refuses to back up its criticism with verified cost figures.

352: Days since Senator Lindsey Graham and Representative Joe Wilson were requested by SRS Watch to help obtain and release AREVA’s MOX life-cycle cost estimate and days they have failed the American people in not getting the estimate or holding DOE, NNSA or Shaw AREVA MOX Services accountable. Warning: We are dealing with big spenders who are protecting inept DOE officials and $pecial interest$ who are profiting from the MOX mega-boondoggle.

DOE will soon release its report to Congress on the life-cycle cost of two plutonium disposition options: MOX and disposal of plutonium as blended down waste. Watch for the report around April 15-16, if DOE actually delivers it to Congress and makes it publicly available.

PREDICTION: The report will officially confirm that the MOX option is far more costly than disposal of plutonium of that waste that it is. On release of the report, there will be much hand wringing by MOX boosters and CB&I AREVA MOX Services (designing and building the $12.7 billion MOX plant at SRS) and their political minions (primarily Senator Lindsey Graham and Representative Joe Wilson) but they will produce no report of their own. Congress will finally be forced to take in to account that MOX isn’t financially sustainable and can’t continue. But will Congress hold accountable those DOE mangers and contractors responsible for the massive MOX boondoggle?

The handwriting remains on the wall for the fate of the MOX boondoggle.” From http://www.srswatch.org. Read more and keep updated at their link.

It’s important to note that Shaw and CBI have benefited from this project, and note the funding given by Shaw CBI to politicians, including former Senator Landrieu of Louisiana. Senator Vitter has been given donations by Areva.

Areva ownership: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Areva http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State-owned_enterprise#France