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While it is true that on November 1, 2013, Moniz really said “The words of President Obama following the incident still hold true today: ‘The Japanese people are not alone in this time of great trial and sorrow. Across the Pacific, they will find a hand of support extended from the United States as they get back on their feet” [1], notice in typical nuke-speak he says that the support is extended from the US – in other words you won’t find him cleaning up the nuclear mess. In other word’s it’s April Fools Day, he has no intention of doing anything to help clean up the nuclear messes that he promotes. Nor does Obama. Nor does Senator Vitter.

While the Japanese Times indeed reported on March 20th that the melted fuel (corium) would be scooped up rather than entombed as at Chernobyl, Moniz was last spied by the New York Times kicked back drinking whiskey in a hotel room overlooking Lake Geneva. That was written on March 29th, so it is presumably true and not an April Fool’s joke, though it certainly sounds like one.
Beau Rivage Palace Lausanne
Like most things in Switzerland it sounds better than it is anyway.
Beau Rivage Palace lausanne

Moniz’ been busy trying to create new nuclear messes in the USA, as promised in November 2013: “the Department of Energy’s been strongly involved as we have roughly an $8 billion loan guarantee offered to help with the construction of some of these new plants.“[2]

However, over the last five weeks Moniz’ been kicked back in a swank hotel over Lake Geneva, drinking whiskey and disappearing into conference rooms with his Iranian homologue: “for Mr. Salehi has dropped his formality (Mr. Moniz calls him Ali), and the two now disappear for hours at a time into the conference rooms at the Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel,” (NYT 29-3-15)
And, so, a few days ago, the New York Times caught up with the hypocritical, diabolical Moniz who was kicked back drinking whiskey and supposedly trying to keep the Iranians from having nukes all while the US government nukes its own people with leaky, dangerous nuclear reactors and waste dumps: “Mr. Moniz said as he poured himself a glass of well-aged Scotch and settled into the living room of his Lausanne suite, overlooking Lake Geneva.” Read the article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/29/world/middleeast/no-2-negotiators-in-iran-talks-argue-physics-behind-politics.html?_r=0

Is Moniz kicked back drinking alone? Mohammed was against drinking alcohol. While the US, France, and the UK have nuclear weapons and nuke their own people with leaky nuclear reactors and waste dumps, any concerns about Iran are just downright silly and a waste of time to even read about.

While other people work hard to pay taxes to fund Moniz’ luxury vacation in Switzerland, and others, like us, work hard to point out the nuclear lies, he’s kicked back on Easter break with an Iranian graduate of MIT, where Moniz teaches or taught! Too bad one of the 120 km an hour gusts didn’t sweep him from his balcony. Unfortunately the hotel is set back from Lake Geneva.

Uncle Sam want Moniz to Clean up WIPP and FUkushima, Vacation Up

While the hotel is not even as nice as it looks in the New York Times picture, you can be certain it is expensive. There aren’t cheap hotels in Switzerland, unless you sleep in a barn (there is such a program).

One can only find solace in the thought that if Moniz is drinking whiskey from Tennessee or Scotland, then it is almost certainly chock full of plutonium, tritium and other radioactive nasties, which Moniz so deserves to have to drink.

Here Moniz was lying on November 1, 2013: “The DOE, our national labs, and U.S. companies will continue to offer our experience and capabilities to assist the Japanese government and TEPCO, especially with regard to water contamination issues,” because Japan has continued to dump radioactive water into the Pacific, and that, my friends and enemies, is no April’s Fool Joke. It’s dead serious. It is not the time to be a marine animal. There is more than one way to separate out tritiated water. For instance, it has a different freezing point from regular water. No fooling. Look it up. They just do not want to clean the water.

Moniz said regarding Japan that “They face a daunting task in the cleanup and decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi, one that will take decades and is being carried out under very challenging conditions. The TEPCO workforce is facing unprecedented challenges and is clearly focused on devising and implementing solutions.” [1]

No, you won’t find him anywhere near, unless people start calling head-hunters to draft him into clean-up. It is past time to call the Jokers on this – Moniz, Ed Davey, Sen. Vitter, Obama, PM Cameron, Abe, Putin, and all the rest of the nuclear choir. It’s time to issue the call-up to anyone who is pro-nuclear.
Pro Nuclear Call up to Clean up WiPP and FUkushima

People need to start demanding that these pro-nuclear politicians go do the dirty work, along with any pro-nuclear ordinary citizens. Enough already of sending the poor, elderly and homeless. Basta! Those in the UK need to vote UK Green now. That is a real choice and there is an election soon.

One US poll claims that the majority of Americans are pro-nuclear. If that’s a fact, get moving on down to your local unemployment office or buy your ticket to Japan. Get moving people! If you aren’t willing to go help clean-up WIPP, Savannah River, Hanford, Fukushima, Sellafield, or Chernobyl, then you don’t really want nuclear or you are a blasted hypocrite and will rot in hell for being so evil and sending the poor and helpless to die painful deaths.

In Matt 25, Jesus said: “Most certainly I tell you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me… ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire which is prepared for the devil and his angels

Why should it be the poor, unemployed and homeless who must clean-up the nuclear sites? The “least of these”?

The pro-nuclears kick back drinking whiskey and for fun and games and the poor clean-up the nuclear mess.

The US “Recovery Act” hired 1400 poor, unemployed people to clean up the dangerous radioactive mess from the Savannah River Site bomb factory. A lot of the waste was sent to WIPP to make room for foreign nuclear waste. This is unfortunately NOT an April Fool’s joke. It is dead serious.

And, the US budget sets aside $1.9 billion for 2016 alone to import nuclear waste from places like Sweden and Canada, in the name of non-proliferation. Fact, not joke. It’s right here: http://www.energy.gov/articles/energy-department-presents-fy16-budget-request

According to the South Carolina Department of Social Services “Who Hires our Welfare Clients” in Aiken County the three are Savannah River Nuclear, Amick Farms and McDonalds.

According to The Japan Times, Mar 20, 2015 – Eventually, Tepco is aiming to scoop out the melted fuel little by little,…” Why should it be the homeless, elderly and poor? It needs to be the nuclear cheerleaders instead!

Plight of homeless in Fukushima cleanup
Posted:Sun, 29 Dec 2013 23:15:00 -0500
Dec. 30 – Brokers recruit and sell homeless people as workers to clear the site of Japan’s wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant. Ruairidh Villar reports.

Moniz thought it was hot in South Carolina, Fukushima is Hot, Hell is Hotter Still
From left, Dr. Terry Michalske, director of EM’s Savannah River National Laboratory and executive vice president of Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, Savannah River Waste Disposition Operations Director Phillip Giles, and Savannah River Operations Office Manager David Moody are pictured walking at H Tank Farm. http://energy.gov/em/articles/energy-secretary-ernest-moniz-talks-srs-workforce-meets-stakeholders

Anyone industrious out there? Please give Ernest Moniz’ name to Fukushima clean-up headhunters and nuclear cleanup headhunters for WIPP, Hanford and Savannah River. Moniz wants an “all of the above” energy policy for the US, which includes nuclear, well let him go clean up the existing nuclear messes. If he doesn’t like the other choices he can go work on Chernobyl’s new containment. Maybe the headhunters can go fetch him in Lausanne?

Please don’t stop with Moniz. Send in Senator Vitter’s name, Obama and any other pro-nuclear people you know. If you are pro-nuclear then get going to a clean-up site. Not a joke people. Dead serious.

Here’s Moniz picture so they don’t get the wrong man:

Is there no mercy beyond the stars? Save us before all life on earth perishes due to the insanity of the nuclear lobby and their minions. Where is the Old Testament Yahweh?

[1] A Statement from U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz Regarding Fukushima
November 1, 2013 – 11:19am
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