Ignored by the Local and National press.

Ignored by Conservation Groups.

Today is a black day for Cumbria.

Today Her Majesty’s government quietly removed the power of local and county councils to say no to burial of existing and future nuclear wastes beneath their homes.

The predetermined decision to “Implement Geological Disposal”    now lies with the Secretary of State under Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects.  This vicious NSIP ruling overrides any considerations on the land such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest, heritage or conservation areas.

Using the most undemocratic tool of “delegated legislation” this decision has been forced through, not by open debate but by Committee Room decisions.

The separation of radioactive wastes from the biosphere is the most important requirement for the long term continuation of life, never mind in Cumbria but on the planet.   To pretend otherwise is the stock in trade of PR men and those…

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