Arnie Gundersen Looking Out over "Moorside" Beckermet Arnie Gundersen Looking Out over “Moorside” Beckermet towards Sellafield.  The green fields between Sellafield and Beckermet are already being drilled with 100 “exploratory” boreholes for “Moorside”

Arnie Gundersen at St Bridget's, Beckermet Arnie Gundersen at St Bridget’s, Beckermet

Arnie Gundersen blows the whistle on Moorside in the Business Section of The Independent.  It has to be asked “where are the investigative environmental journalists?”  Are they all On Message with government’s new build agenda?  The local press so far appear to be far more interested in Keswick School banning Arnie Gundersen than in the content of what he has to say about Moorside.

Good for Arnie Gundersen.  This is the first really powerful note of caution in the national press.  The first of many!

“Mr Gundersen, who visited the Sellafield nuclear facility in Cumbria last week, warned that any leak would be like “Chernobyl on steroids”

He said: “Evacuation of Moorside would have to be up to…

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