Nuclear Dumping Ed Davey

Today in Committee Room 12 of the Palace of Westminster a handful of MPs voted on a legal order.   This sneaky manoeuvre is geared to enforcing a nuclear dump or two or three by making nuclear dumping a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project.  It stinks.  Meanwhile NGOs like Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace attend ever so polite meetings with DECC, the esteemed Baroness Verma and Ed Davey on nuclear matters…for what purpose?  Come on FoE and Greenpeace.    News just in from Duncan Hames MP  is that the legal order to make nuclear dumping a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project has been voted on. RE; todays Room 12 ……Tweet from Duncan Hames @duncanhames 36m36 minutes agoI opposed this order, but was out-voted.

Note: where were Cumbrian MPs? Where they not allowed in perhaps? If not why was there a vote to continue along this route to smooth the way…

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