Braystones CrossingLandslip Near Sellafield

Residents of Braystones, near Sellafield, have for some years been trying to get some remedy for the awful state of the railway crossing and line, not all of them are anti nuclear but all are worried.

I can vouch for the Heath Robinson nature of the crossing at Braystones.

Last time I was there a chap shouted across to me to ring the telephone
and see if he could cross with his car as he was:
a. deaf
b. too slow to get back from the phone to the car in time to open the
gates and cross

No one, it seems in this age of nuclear cheerleading in the UK, is willing to take responsibility and do something about this dangerous situation.

Even if this track was the best maintained and safest rail track in the universe, the fact remains that there is no train track in the world fit for the purpose…

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