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Electricité de France (EdF), the French energy group, intends to build one of the largest nuclear power stations in the world at Hinkley Point, United Kingdom. However, this project would be commercially viable only on the basis of massive subsidies granted by the British government, which would clearly violate EU competition law.” The (previous) EU Commission approved these nuclear subsidies.

This scandalous decision has the potential to trigger an avalanche of new nuclear power projects across Europe. The Austrian government is determined to take this case to the European Court of Justice, and EWS has lodged a formal complaint directly with the EU Commission.

Yet only if the pressure of European civil society surpasses the clout of nuclear lobbyists will we be able to prompt the newly appointed EU Commission to reverse this misguided decision. Any EU citizen is entitled to submit a complaint free of charge. Join our complaint now – or draft your own text – and join us in demanding: No Money for Nuclear Power – Stop Brusselshttps://www.ews-schoenau.de/campaign.html
Hinkley Point and Stonehenge
Background information about the campaign:
ews-schoenau de campaign, p. 1
ews-schoenau de campaign, p. 2
ews-schoenau de campaign, p. 3
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ews-schoenau de campaign, p. 5 http://www.ews-schoenau.de/campaign/background-information.html
(More information and clickable links at original above.) Note that Triggering an Avalanche twice is our error, but we opted to leave it as it gets the point across, symbolically.

Formal Legal Complaint: http://www.ews-schoenau.de/fileadmin/content/documents/Mitwissen/Atomkraft/EWS_Complaint_Hinkley_Point.pdf

Campaign originates in the world famous German Black Forest
Schönau im Schwarzwald seen from the observation platform at the cross “Holzer Kreuz” in Fröhnd, public domain via wikipedia, brightened
Schönau im Schwarzwald seen from the observation platform at the cross “Holzer Kreuz” in Fröhnd. The photographer was kind enough to release it to public domain via wikipedia.

The world famous Schwarzwald, German Black Forest, was impacted by Chernobyl, and is in grave danger from the nuclear reactors located up and down the Rhine – which has the potential for very large earthquakes. Additionally it is downwind to ongoing legal nuclear leaks from nuclear reactors.

Stonehenge coordinates from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stonehenge
Many famous landmarks on the Salisbury Plain, such as Glastonbury Thor, are at risk from Hinkley Point Nuclear reactors.

Those outside of Europe should consider writing the EU on the grounds that your country may do uranium mining for these reactors or be forced to accept the waste. European nuclear waste has already been sent to the US. More can be expected, if people don’t watch out. Many outside of Europe will be downwind in the event of a nuclear accident.