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Vattenfall is 100% Swedish State owned so it is essentially the government of Sweden suing Germany. The hypocrisy is that Sweden has decided to exit nuclear and that the Vattenfall Germany reactors seem to have been old, frequently broken down, and ultimately shut for safety reasons, meaning there appears nothing to be compensated over. Furthermore, Vattenfall left rusty nuclear waste barrels under one, raising the question of who should be suing whom?

2014 SumOfUs, CCBY 3.0
From SumOfUs:
Swedish company Vattenfall is suing Germany for 4.7 billion Euros

Energy company Vattenfall is suing Germany for phasing out nuclear power and replacing it with renewables. In a secret court, the company is demanding a whopping 4.7 billion Euros in compensation.

This lawsuit could have massive repercussions for other European countries turning towards renewables to replace climate-destroying traditional energy supplies. Vattenfall is not the only one lining up to squeeze Germany for making the right decision. Energy giants RWE and Eon are also demanding millions of Euros.

We can’t let energy companies get away with this and force our democratically-elected governments to their knees.

Call on Vattenfall to drop the lawsuit against Germany!

After the tragedy in Fukushima, Germany started taking a closer look at some of its nuclear power plants to avoid a similar catastrophe. Two decisions were made. First, old and malfunctioning reactors were to be shut down immediately. Second, there was to be a phase-out of nuclear energy by 2022 and a move towards renewables.

These decisions turned Germany into a leader on renewable energy production worldwide almost overnight. Germany is planning to have 80% of its energy provided by renewables by 2050. The new policy also aspires to increase energy efficiency by 50 percent and reduce carbon emissions by 80%.

A win for the planet, the people and our children. For once, it is big business who stands to lose. And Vattenfall and Co. want to make sure they don’t go down without a fight.

Vattenfall is suing Germany for billions in an international arbitration court in Washington. And the game is rigged. These secret investor court hearings are taking place behind closed doors. The tribunals are biased in favour of investors, with corporate lawyers often acting as the judges and parties.

Vattenfall is one of the biggest energy companies in Europe. It’s doing badly financially, and is extremely vulnerable to public opinion. It cannot afford to lose any more customers right now. If we stand together as Europeans and demand that Vattenfall drop the lawsuit against Germany, we will stand a chance!

Call on Vattenfall to stop suing Germany over nuclear phase-out!
” 2014 SumOfUs, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. http://action.sumofus.org/a/vattenfall-lawsuit/
Petition is at link. Their Goal: 100,000; They have: 147,958

While Vattenfall put out a press release on Dec. 9th alleging that they were merely asking for compensation, Vattenfall’s nuclear reactors were old and had had all sorts of problems well before the nuclear phase out, meaning that they needed to be closed anyway and making this a shakedown: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2014/10/17/swedish-government-nuclear-shakedown-of-germany-dumping-swedish-nuclear-waste-on-the-usa/

This is the case number, but we can no longer find the original at the World Bank:
Vattenfall AB and others v. Federal Republic of Germany
(ICSID Case No. ARB/12/12)
Subject of Dispute: Nuclear power plant
Date Registered: May 31, 2012
Date of Constitution of Tribunal
Constituted: December 14, 2012
Reconstituted: February 25, 2013