Cull is a euphemism for Kill which entered the English language from French. The first French conquest of the UK was in 1066. The new conquest by France is French gov owned or controlled nuclear: EDF/GdF-Suez/Areva . The related word in French cueillir is usually good things like gathering flowers, fruits or nuts – not killing off radiation contaminated birds and deer! People used to hunt for food. Now they kill just to kill.


Kakadu World Heritage Site Kakadu World Heritage Site

Those with an interest in wildlife will be aware that the nuclear industry from Kirksanton to Kakadu is no lover of the natural world. There are wildlife officers on the Sellafield site but they are there to make sure the wildlife is culled (the freezers on site hold many species of Cumbrian birds – waiting to be dumped as nuclear waste). Cumbria Wildlife Trust continues to receive money courtesy of the nuclear industry, Studsvik the radioactive scrap metal dealer at Lillyhall is a silver member of the Trust. Meanwhile Cumbria Wildlife Trust continues to dodge the biggest issue facing Cumbria’s wildlife – that of the proposed new nuclear build at Sellafield: ‘Moorcide,’ and the proposed nuclear dump, deeper than scafell is high, under a huge swathe of Lakeland.

The following are an exchange of letters in the local press….

I am a long time member and…

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